Monday, March 1, 2010

ATF seizes toy guns, but it is no laughing matter to the Chief Counsel's Office -- "Little Jimmy" Vann reported to be near mental breakdown.

Go here for the report and various comments.

This is what I have been told by Waldo, the inside snitch on the fifth floor of the "Concrete Asshole of the Universe" (ATF headquarters):

James P. "Little Jimmy" Vann is reported to be apoplectic at the prospect of these poor toy importers deciding to go the route of demanding a federal civil forfeiture action, just like Georgia firearms designer and manufacturer Len Savage.

This would be very bad juju for Little Jimmy, thus his hyper-ventilation.

Of course, given this choice bit of info, CPT R.A. Bear is, at this very moment, ringing up the victims in this case and suggesting that very thing.

Poor Little Jimmy.

Poor ATF.

Bad karma comin' to get 'em.

Must be like bees living in their heads.

Couldn't happen to more deserving folks.



Taylor H said...

First heard about this from Alex Jones. I knew you'd pick up on it soon enough.

How much longer will the organization hold together?

Anonymous said...

Read about this, was wondering when it would hit SSI.

Anyway, while this seems to be a boneheaded mistake on the ATF's part (and they're rapidly digging that hole deeper and deeper...), it could also be a bureaucratic reaction to the fact that serious folks training with airsoft is becoming incredibly popular, adding immeasurably to "Get off the X" tactical drilling.

That training is becoming a clear and present danger to any Federal agencies that might be tasked with gun confiscation.

With that said, I'm glad that the airsoft community now knows what it's like to be a victim of an ATF mistake.

Toastrider said...

Not long, if they're trying to justify seizing Airsoft guns by claiming 'they could be converted into machine guns'.

Good grief. I'm with Codrea on this; when he first saw the story he thought it was an Onion post.

Skip said...

I hope Airsoft gets so much ink on this that Little Jimmie drowns in it.
The vidio of the stupe trying to put the mag in backwards should be on Leno.

Dr.D said...

freaking retards................


Loren said...

To some extent gov being morons, but these are some very close replicas, even being able to be broke down. Apparently they decided that it wasn't too hard to swap out the upper and trigger group, but with Olofson, who knows what that actually means.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the backward-mag thing was an eye-roller, but even more terrifying was what the stupe was saying...

"...Any adult going outtada house wit dis... (pregnant-pause) He should be ready for trouble!..."

And he's talking about TOYS!!

It wasn't clear whether he is a BATFEces or CBP?

I read it all - David's post and the whole article he linked, and watched the vid - this is all the info we have. I tried to seriously and neutrally evaluate what we know.

We know there's no way to fire live ammo as-is, though I'd love to see the vids if the if the FTB decided to try. Hopefully they'll order a coupla-hundred "re-tests."

The article said an AR upper could be - with a bit of work that any machinist could do - made to fit the lower. The lower however can't fire the AR upper, nor can an AR TG be installed without further machining and etc.

Let's say - for argument - someone went to all the trouble and expense of buying an upper, a TG and other misc parts not to mention a machine-shop, and training to avoid having to buy a lower that can be had for $70?

Even so, it can only fire S/A with an AR trigger-pack, just like any other AR - it wouldn't be the evil "machine gun" (oh NOooooooes!!) they're trying to portray.

As we know, to make it full-auto would require a full set of FA components in addition to everything else above - once again the only thing you'd get from the toy is - arguably - a lower receiver.

No way some machinist would ever decide to order an Airsoft gun from Taiwan for its lower, when he could easily make his own - even FA.

So... they're lying.

Can you believe we went through all that to establish what we already know?

Anonymous said...

"These rifles could have had far-reaching and potentially devastating ramifications if they had gotten into the hands of individuals who wanted to do harm in the American population", Customs and Border Protection Area Port Director Rolando Suliveras Jr. said in a news release.

Now then, these fuckers have a tip line:

How's this for a tip:

Rolando Suliveras Jr. is criminally insane!


PKL said...

These are all airsoft too, but I bet the ATF is too stupid to notice.