Thursday, February 13, 2014

Robert Farago notices Connecticut non-compliance, but apparently doesn't know much about Comrade Mike Lawlor, his place in CT politics, or his sordid past.

Connecticut Gun Owners in Mexican Standoff With the State
To be clear, Mr. Lawlor is the Undersecretary for Criminal Justice Policy and Planning at the Office of Policy and Management for the State of Connecticut. The Agency concerns itself with prisons, mostly. I’m not sure that Reuben F. Bradford, the head of Connecticut’s Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (which includes the State Police and the aforementioned firearms unit) would agree that Mr. Lawlor gets the final say in this matter.
Even if Lawlor is the man staying the hand of the State Police when it comes to enforcing the Act and confiscating now-illegal “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines,” who’s to say he won’t get steamrollered by the Governor or the legislature or God knows who when the political climate changes? Say, after the next spree killing. Or a protest over a confiscation gone wrong.
Look, Lawlor has been, and remains, the power behind this. He and the Guv have, up until now, been locked at the hip. He IS the Governor's spokesman on this PRECISELY because of these facts. Do you really think he would be giving interviews sounding off on this if he weren't? Picturing Lawlor as a man "staying the hand" of the CT state police in this is ludicrous on its face and simply shows a. that Farago's sources within CT aren't all they should be; and b. he doesn't read Sipsey Street Irregulars. I forgive him the latter, but writing without knowing your subject and drawing conclusions from inadequate information is inexcusable.


Anonymous said...

That's not "inexcusable", Mike. It's called "journalism" today. Here you are, telling the truth about this pinko commie bastard so a "only one" from the "journalism" world has to present 1984 type "revisions" in attempt to keep the masses stupid and ignorant.

There aren't any accidents left. There aren't any mistakes left. There are liars telling lies and honorable em telling truth. You are the latter, and that leaves, well, your faithful readers know....

I expect more cover to be ran for your target as they try to blunt what your next letters bring to bear.

The petty tyrants are scared and it's more self evident every day.

Pericles said...


By the Governour — A PROCLAMATION.

Whereas, notwithstanding the repeated assurance of the Selectmen and others, that all the inhabitants of the Town of Boston had, bona fide, delivered their Fire-Arms unto the persons appointed to receive them, though I had advices at the same time of the contrary; and whereas I have had since full proof that many have been perfidious in this respect, and have secreted great numbers;

I have thought fit to issue this Proclamation, to require of those who have yet Fire-Arms in their possession immediately to surrender them at the Court-House to such persons as shall be authorized to receive them; and hereby to declare that all persons in whose possession any Fire-Arms may hereafter be found, will be deemed enemies to His Majesty' s Government.

Given at Boston, the nineteenth day of June, 1775, in the fifteenth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord, George the Third, by the grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c.


By his Excellency' s command:


Yank lll said...

When they start talking "confiscation" they should be careful.. someone might get themselves hurt.

John Richardson said...

What people need to remember about Connecticut is that is still full of people who actually worked with their hands for a living. The men who built guns and jet engines and helicopters. Men who are not afraid to get their hands dirty doing a day's work.

Connecticut is not just the hedge funds in Greenwich, the insurance barons in Hartford, and the rich commuting to Wall Street.

Do you think the former are going to be intimidated by the guys in their $1000 suits? I don't think so either.