Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Bob Owens on the CT armed civil disobedience movement.

TIGER BY THE TAIL: Connecticut columnist is shocked that gun owners refuse to comply with unconstitutional gun law
I guess Bob hasn't been paying any attention to my open letters, though.


Anonymous said...

No real disrespect meant toward Bob, butane he's behind the 8 ball on the Connecticut thing because he's still trying to figure out how the ATF and justice "botched" Fast and Furious......

WarriorClass said...

Support for Making Gun Laws Stricter Fell from 38% to 31% last January.

The number of Americans wanting less strict gun laws has more than tripled since last year.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm…….compliance rate in Connecticut is 15%. I’m surprised it’s that high.
But this is supposed to be a huge “blue state”. The compliance rate in a “red state” would be South of 5% methinks.
Which leaves the gun-grabbers in a precarious position: Having instantly created hundreds of thousands of criminals who won’t follow the law no matter what…..what will they do? Probably start by sending out strongly-worded letters. Once the vast majority of them have been used for toilet paper, then what? Fire-brand speeches by democrats? House-to-house searches? That will be interesting.

Anonymous said...

This lack of registration i don't feel is particularly noteworthy. Back in approx 1996, Calfornia passed it's own "assault" rifle ban requiring owners of existing "in state" assault rifles to register them. In 1999 i was talking to an officer with cali DOJ firearms division and he remarked DOJ had done an anonymous survey and they estimated less than 20% had registered their newly defined assault rifle.