Wednesday, April 3, 2013

This just in from Carl Worden: "This is how a real militia works in peacetime."

Carl Worden sent this link along with the following explication:
Fellow Travelers: The Medford Mail Tribune has always been hostile to the formation of the Southern Oregon Militia, and although this article is well-written and is not the usual cover-up for the cops, you will notice that this reporter knowingly and falsely stated that the Brewer Case appeal was paid for by, "Marijuana Advocates", and not the Southern Oregon Militia which both investigated the case and raised the $10,500.00 to pay for Josh Brewer's appeal. A previous M/T reporter, Chris Conrad, who still works for the M/T, also made the same false statement in the article he wrote several months ago about the Brewer Case, so we know this is a deliberate act on the part of that newspaper editor.
This was only a blip, however, compared to an article the M/T happily published several years ago by the Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity, in which the Southern Oregon Militia was described as anti-Semitic and racist based, a complete fabrication. I found that quite amusing, since I am the Liaison Officer, I'm a Jew and I'm married to a gorgeous Mexican-American wife. The Northwest Coalition for Human Dignity is loosely tied to the Southern Poverty Law Center, a notoriously libelous group that brands certain conservative civil rights groups as being based on hate.
So what should any citizens' militia do in peacetime? If you have corrupt cops, do something about it. If you find outrageous injustice, stand by the victims. There is corruption everywhere now, in direct correlation to the amount of immorality growing in this sick nation, and if the militia sits on its hands as these things take place right under their noses, what the hell good are they? Start thinking of ways you too can contribute to the well-being of your community and your citizens, and when you do, blow your horn so that the whole community knows you are the good guys, because you are!
Carl F. Worden
Liaison Officer
Southern Oregon Militia
P.O. Box 1173
Eagle Point, OR 97524
(541) 826-6528


Anonymous said...

Cool. I live on the southern Oregon coast I didn't know about this militia. Time for some research.

Anonymous said...

I am quickly coming to the conclusion that "sworn police officers" may very well be the very worst witnesses of all. If they're not lying on the stand they're flat out getting it wrong on their official reports. PLUS while their reports are considered gospel you cannot use inaccuracies in their written, signed reports to discredit them.

To find out more on the fascinating subject of why cops lie, copy/paste this URL:

Anonymous said...

Not surprising at all for the mail trombone. The Medford/Jackson county cops appear to be doing their best to take down David Pyle as well. He was the man they sent a swat team to after he was fired from his job, bought guns and they put him in the psych ward for a day.

He had another run in with Medford cops and a judge took away his guns on a misdemeanor.

Paul X said...

From the article: '"We depend upon our police officers to be truthful," Glass said. "It's a real shame when police betray that trust by concocting false evidence."'

That's a bit like saying, "It's a real shame when the sun sets every evening." Kinda silly to be surprised. There is even a word for it, "testilying".

As to newspapers, even small-town rags are nothing but a pack of lies. If the papers didn't carry the local high school sports they would have no subscriptions at all.

Anonymous said...

Last I researched, the one in Utah disappeared (disbanded?). Need to look again.

B Woodman

William Flatt said...

I haven't personally heard from Carl in a while so I'm very glad to see he's still belting out some very fine articles. He is the epitome of what a public affairs liaison officer in the militia should be.

I know that the SPLC has no cred because they had said back in the 1990's that J.J. Johnson, formerly of the Ohio militia and erstwhile editor of the now-defunct Sierra Times, was a 'extremist and white supremacist'; sight unseen. Their claims, as usual, were entirely based on their online examination of his pro-liberty articles. He publicly humiliated the SPLC and their allies like the ADL when he stood at the Lincoln Memorial during a gun rights rally some years ago and observed; "If I am a white supremacist," pinching the skin on the back of his hand, "then this must be some really good camouflage".

J.J. Johnson is a black man.

For the ADL to call him anti-semitic (ridiculous considering his wife is Jewish), or the SPLC to call him a closeted klansman (are these people daft?) shows that these two groups, but the SPLC especially, are nothing but hate organizations whose existence hinges on the demonization of anyone... everyone... who is vocally pro-liberty!

Carl is a very intelligent fellow whose insights have helped contribute to the eventual demise of the dinosaur media,. His investigative abilities, along with other members of the Southern Oregon Militia, have contributed to several cases of injustice being turned on their heads to the benefit of the victims. SOM has been around for over 10 years and they have become very good at what they have done, and yet have maintained a low profile operationally. Their OPSEC is excellent as no one will hear a peep of who or what SOM is up to, unless it has been cleared and comes from the desk of Carl Worden.

Indeed, this is how a REAL constitutional citizens militia works in peacetime. Hopefully we will have a few more months to do good work like this, before the powers-that-be cause another false-flag event that serves as a pretext for assaulting our remaining liberties.

Diogenes71 said...

Carl, Wonderful interview this AM on Bill Meyer's program. A lot of truth was introduced to many of us. I do not read the M-T becuase I do not want to contribbute to or encourage malpractice. I heard from a reputable source that SPLC has billion stashed overseas. Money sacrificed by the unwitting who have been filled with fear by that organization.

Christen Solder said...

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