Wednesday, April 3, 2013

'Researchers' argue that white males' thoughts on mass shootings are suspect

The Childresses, judging from the Washington Post article and their book, are apparently working through their deep-seated resentment of white men, and good luck to them with that. But they, and anyone else, who argue that one's race and gender determine one's credibility on any issue have no right to complain about discriminatory oppression.


Anonymous said...

White males thoughts. Right. They don't have a clue to what's happening in this world. Pretty quick their Masters will be able to read ANYBODY'S mind. Orwell was dead on.

Anonymous said...

Lets get to the real root of the problem. The real problem are liberals.

The last 6 mass shooters are/were liberal democrats. Yes thats right. Liberals are killing Americans off at a rate higher than anyone else. Lets ban liberals and we will have no more mass shootings. Take away guns from law abiding citizens and only the nut job liberals will have guns.

1. Fort Hood: Registered democrat and Muslim jihadist

2. Columbine: too young to vote. Families were registered democrats and progressive liberals.

3: Virginia Tech: Democrat, wrote hate mail to President Bush and his staff.

4: Colorado Theater: Registered democrat, staff worker for the Obama campaign, occupy wall street participant, progressive liberal.

5: Connecticut school shooter: Registered democrat, hated Christians.

6: Tucson shooting: Jared Loughner was a registered Independent but voted along democratic lines, hated Bush, loved abortion, was angry with the Giffords for not having done enough against Bush.

I personally do not care what any laws are passed. I along with millions of Constitutional citizens will not obey those laws that infringe on our rights.