Saturday, February 2, 2013

This just in from Mike McNulty.

Hi Guys,
Please note the news on my Blog at The theme is all about GUN CONTROL and it's biggest failure - WACO. We have announced the re-release of "Waco a New Revelation" and "The FLIR Project in a two DVD set.
I hope you find the material in the blog interesting, thanks for looking over my drafts. I would be obliged if you pass on the info including the details on the film offering. The details for ordering are at the end of the blog entry at
Thanks again.
Best regards,
Mike McNulty
CEO COPS Productions


rustynail said...

Mike, Thanks for the link. Just ordered the videos. I had been trying to contact Mike McNulty since an earlier post by you and getting a lot of misdirection via google. I appreciate your help!

Yank lll said...

If this shows the hidden shooters outside the building firing into it this is gonna bust things up with the mood of Americans today.. Slick and his bimbo should leave town now.

Yank lll