Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Killer Ghost in the Machine. Dorner's one-man guerrilla war against the LAPD is a cautionary tale for citizen disarmament advocates.

We are told by the London Telegraph that the resources of the "LAPD (are) stretched to limit as hunt for Christopher Dorner enters fifth day."
The Los Angeles Police Department has been stretched to the limit after five days hunting for Christopher Dorner, America's most wanted man, as he seemingly vanishes into thin air.
It is important, up front, to remind ourselves of what we don't know at this stage about Christopher Dorner's one-man guerrilla war against the LAPD. He may be lying dead, frozen up in the mountains. He may be lying low in a hideaway in South Central, awaiting his next chance to strike. It is this "ghost in the machine" that has gripped the imaginations of the LAPD and motivated them to shoot up innocent newspaper delivery ladies and make other panicky moves that telegraph just how shaken they are by the fact that one of their "Only Ones" is doing this to them. The law enforcement bureaucracy likes to believe that they, personally, are untouchable. Dorner has proven the lie and it scares the bejeezus out of them.
Not that I have any sympathy for Dorner. Based upon what I can tell from his unredacted "manifesto" he is a gun-control advocate and one seriously ill and confused human being. Based upon his apparent targeting of innocents (the daughter of his representative in the LAPD grievance process) he is not only a madman but a vicious animal. All of his blather in the "manifesto" is as nothing compared to that bestial act. Indeed, if Dorner had been guided by 4th generation warfare principles, he would have restricted his target list to more difficult-to-target people in the LAPD chain of command, beginning with the Chief and working his way down.
Or, if he was a normal human being who was really as principled as he claimed, he would have chalked up his firing to life lessons learned, left California and made a new life for himself somewhere else. But he didn't.
But forget about Dorner and look at the lessons his personal war teaches. One man -- ONE MAN -- has for almost a week frightened and tied up the law enforcement resources of an entire state (and I'm sure the Feds are making their contributions behind the scenes too). This is a cautionary tale for any citizen disarmament advocate who blithely assumes (as stupidly as the LAPD was last week) that the "authorities" are up the challenges of the 4GW civil war that their appetites seem bent upon creating.
If the ghost in the LAPD machine teaches anything, it is that the resources of the modern surveillance police state are not even up to the challenge of one madman, let alone a determined, thinking minority.
A cautionary tale, indeed.


WarriorClass III said...

Excellent analysis and commentary, as we have come to know from Mike.

I'd like to point out that February 22nd is Purim.

Also note that the last day of winter is March 21, a Thursday, and Sabbath is Saturday. Remember Matthew 24:20. Friday March 22nd is not in the Winter and not on a Sabbath.

Be Prepared.

WarriorClass III

Anonymous said...

One single nutcase like Chris Dorner created havoc in Southern California and made every cop fear for his life. And he even has thousands of fans who support him. Can you imagine the current situation multiplied by 100?

Mt Top Patriot said...

I suspect there is another facet to the fear and loathing of Dorner. No matter the cost, no matter the collateral damage, it is far more important he be executed with extreme prejudice rather than be brought in and risk the chance of exposure of all the ugly truths.

Part of the truth, like so many police departments, they are now essentially nothing but little banana military republics, heinous bloodsucking public trough feeding apparatchiks of the local and state oligarchy, mall ninja's who as long as the fig leaf of legitimacy is hung, have it easy as a country club. Praetorian Guards for the ruling class idiots who think banning people an inanimate object like a rifle that has the same capacity and accuracy as they carry is going to assure a monopoly of violence, hence the power rob with impunity, and to rule over every aspect of the lives of those same people.

It all still, everything, no matter how one slices it, comes down to guns.
Especially "Assault Weapons". The elites are correct, dead nuts right, to call the AR-15 an assault weapon.
If you give it a good think, what is it that the elites and their apparatchiks fear most? Why I think that is very simple. The AR-15, and many other fine military arms in the hands of those not afraid of the ruling tyrants. It is these arms that are going to be used in the assault on them and their crimes of broken trusts, theft, corruptions, treason's and tyranny.

They know that and understand it only as people who are guilty of such crimes and treason can know.

It is not Dorner who is the threat, it is the threat of exposure of how utterly corrupted and useless to us as a society the very idea of "Law Enforcement" is as an institution today, but furthermore, the truth that the social contract of respect for the law, by those who are entrusted to protect and defend that societal system of trust no longer exists.
And in this lays the idea of legitimacy. Dorner is going to lay bare the lie that "Law Enforcement", like it's political brethren in treason, has not an iota of legitimacy today.

Allen said...

a few years back the NH ANG was tasked to rescue some stranded hikers on Mt Washington. there was a freak snowstorm, and I think one of the hikers broke a leg. the hiking party had radio, cellphone, and GPS capablilities, and were in full contact with the NG blackhawk from the moment they lifted off.

the blackhawk had a FLIR system designed for search and rescue work.

the NG pilots couldn't find them.
they had GPS coordinates. radio contact talking them in. FLIR to find warm bodies against the snow. and they couldn't find them.

so much for the "they'll just find you and kill you from the air!"

frosty2 said...

Remember, a "gunfight" to the police is surprising a sleeping generally unarmed "perp." Being surprised themselves by incoming is not what they signed up for.

RVN11B said...

Just add me to the growing list of those who have been lambasted for saying, a small number of determined people, can cause all kinds of havoc against an enemy. Even a large and well equipped enemy.

Though I so wish this person would be captured soon, I sit back and watch the insanity of scared cops shooting up the country side.

And I thank all that is good with the world I no longer wear a badge.

Anonymous said...

Let's also not forget the DC Beltway "sniper" from several years ago. He - being a few cans short of a sixpack - managed to perpetrate 15 attacks ove4 a 3-week period, while dragging around a minor of dubious intelligence or use. Important here is that he tied up MD, DC and VA police forces, plus various Federal agencies for that whole time and significantly reducing commerce and outdoor activities for literally millions of people. No particular plan, no particular expertise, just an average AR ... just one person among millions, and look at what he did.

Now think about hundreds or thousands of former spec ops soldiers, snipers, designated marksmen, explosives experts, etc. Doing the same type of thing, but with their own individual plans, better weaponry, and particular targets. Let's just say that I wouldn't want to be one of those targets, whether primary or of opportunity.