Friday, February 1, 2013

"Shock the System"? Better to shock the war makers with their own vulnerability.

"Son, you don't poke a wolverine with a sharp stick unless you want your balls ripped off." -- Grandpa Vanderboegh.
MBV Note: The following is all hypothetical, of course. For now.
Bob Owens, a normally well-grounded good guy, offers a threat scenario whereby gun rights guerrillas take out the power system.
Oh, such tactics will "shock the system" all right, but it will also kill innocents and alienate supporters. The essence of Fourth Generation warfare as applied to a civil war is:
a. To win the war in the minds of the decision takers and war makers by demonstrating their absolute vulnerability to the unintended consequences of their tyrannical actions, thus making their appetites superfluous to their ability to freely exchange oxygen, and,
b. To make it obvious that our side is fighting tyranny, not its own people. Thus, even if we don't make any converts to our politics, we can make it a matter of supreme indifference to even the unfriendly populace who wins or loses.
It is the tyrant's leadership, extending down to the local level, that is targeted in 4GW among your own populace, not the people. (And this includes protecting those innocents related to the war makers. Our side does not make a policy of killing innocents, their side, by definition, does.)
As I have written before:
Others of us, the majority I suspect, will simply be the hidden core of resistance, using the intervening time by seeing to their own training and logistics, awaiting the day when the Feds, having lost patience with those of us who publicly defy them, finally begin killing us. These will be the folks who will execute a Fourth Generation civil war upon the tyrant's leadership -- and only them to the greatest extent possible -- with the target of breaking their will as they prosecute their treasonable war against the Founders' republic. They are willing to fight to the last ATF agent and local policeman to enforce their will. But it will be by their own aggression, and the 4GW reaction to it, that we will then discover if they are willing to fight to the first Senator, the second congressman, the third White House aide, the fourth editor, the fifth Hollywood propagandist using Bill Clinton's revised rules of engagement against the Serb's in 1999. Unintended consequences indeed.
It will be the time of One Hundred Heads, may God spare us all from its horrors.
Attacks on infrastructure are not only self-discrediting, they also get in the way of the use of them by OUR side. So in this case I'm going to have to respectfully disagree with Bob.
A properly targeted 4GW civil war in this country would focus upon the tyrants, the war makers, the collectivist intelligentsia and Julius Streichers of the media as well as the corporate powers that directly support them and their local and state lackeys -- and only them. Each precise, retaliatory killing would be a political statement -- to the decision makers and interested observers -- of the cost of their own tyranny. Soon they would learn the wisdom of my Grandpa's adage about wolverines.
As I have also written many times before, history is made by determined minorities. We are one such minority, so are they. If they are going to start killing us in furtherance of their tyrannical appetites, it only smart to make the state-sponsored murderers and law breakers pay, not the people we claim to represent and protect.


Anonymous said...

I think you are missing something from this. I think Bob is describing a tactic in general and not how it would specifically be used.
I agree with you that wide spread power outages would be counterproductive, however carefully targeted local power outages, say the downtown district that houses the IRS building, can have direct benefit. The goal of 4G warfare is to discredit the regime in charge. You do that by demonstrating that the powers that be cannot deliver on the promise of security and stability that they constantly push. This battle will be fought in the hearts and minds of the suburban soccer mom and cubical dad. The 4G warrior cannot be a threat to them directly but he must demonstrate to them that risk and danger are close by and that the responsibility to protect them from that risk lies in their own hands. Show them the risk and then show them how to mitigate that risk and danger.
The risk and danger extend across all facets of life not just utilities. This is a snippet from the Small wars journal review of Robb’s “Brave New War”.

“As evidenced by 9/11 and in Iraq part of the kit bag of today's global insurgent is the deliberate targeting of critical infrastructure or systems to inflict incremental damage and cumulative economic costs on a government. Robb calls this approach systems disruption, as the global guerrillas' fundamental strategy for bringing nation states to their knees. Our increasingly interconnected society and our vulnerable tightly coupled networks afford any terrorist many relatively easy targets. Today's guerrilla is becoming adept at identifying the key nodes in these systems, and generating large cascading effects. But the global guerrilla tries to operate beneath the threshold of a punitive or overwhelming governmental response. Partial disruptions, as opposed to catastrophic destruction, maximizes the long term economic attrition against the state, paralyzes the government and undercuts it legitimacy.”

Now read Bobs article again and go look at Pete’s WRSA post on it. He posted a response to the article from some fusion center fobbit.
Could be one goal is not to actually attack all those completely undefended network points but to force the powers that be to suffer long term economic attrition THINKING we are going to attack them?


Anonymous said...

Apparently, a new OKC directed at the utility infrastructure is to be forthcoming - ie the goobs will fry the power grid to blame 'da malishas' and provide the excuse for military intervention.

It all kinda looks like a script for a cheap tv miniseries.

Anonymous said...

Agreed. You don't want to make enemies of the public. However, targeting certain limited components may still work. For example, a transformer serving a single facility, such as a govt building. And consider that most modern buildings in the South are uninhabitable in the summertime without air conditioning. What if something happened to the AC units (usually sitting in plain view outside or on top of the building). That facility would become nearly useless. Very expensive to replace these units. How many can the govt afford to fix?

bubba said...

Agree. Beelzebub’s infrastructure is vulnerable and limited in capacity but any natural catastrophe that would harm Beelzebub would necessarily affect the innocent. The country can survive a couple of natural disasters simultaneously and make repairs fairly quickly but there are not enough resources nationwide to make extensive repairs quickly. Look at the repairs taking place after Hurricane Sandy – many people still don’t have electricity. There simply aren’t enough skilled workers and appropriate supplies.

robins111 said...

I read that article, in response to Bob Owens piece. I rather expect that a little dribble of pee was ejected, after they realized just how vulnerable those lefty enclaves are in the inner city and some burbs.

Anonymous said...

I've said it before, I'll say it again....those advocating the killing of these tyrants families and other innocents as acceptable collateral damage and targeting infrastructure that ultimately fellow citizens also need/utilize will only alienate our cause and those perpetrating it are nothing more than psychotic murderers looking to satiate a blood lust. These men are just as evil as the tyrants we seek to depose from power b/c ultimately what they seek is power for it's own sake, retribution that should be left to God, and a lack of noble principle and the ability to discern right and wrong. These people are dangerous to our cause. View them with a very skeptical eye if they make any such suggestion or disassociate with them entirely. They ultimately cannot be trusted as if they'll slit an innocent's throat.....they'll turn on you as well.

Anonymous said...

If the 'Red States' walked, and the 'Blue States' said "no," shutting down the power, water, etc in the 'Blue States' could be enough of a warning to make the populace of the 'Blue States' decide it isn't worth it to fight.

Either way, disrupting the
'Blue States' would require The Empire dedicating massive amounts of resources to contain the chaos that would ensue.

How many hearts and minds are you ever gonna win in NYC, Balt., Philly, DC, Boston, etc, etc?

Anonymous said...

That comment wasn't directly related (as if someone couldn't tell) about attacking the power grid as a strategy.....but was more of a generalized comment about the mindset of some like Kerodin who advocate collateral damage and the killing of relatives of the tyrants.

Just wanted to clarify.

Anonymous said...

Mike: read it again, carefully, and in context.
IMO Mr. Owens is only trying to warn them, as you are. After all, his tag line on multiple posts is, "Tread carefully."
It took a fusion center puke to turn Bob's hypothetical scenario into a sinister plot.
If this were to actually happen, it only makes sense as a false flag.
Unfortunately, the power grid is much more vulnerable than even Bob describes (no ex plosivs or even tools needed.) While the people would suffer greatly, the g-men would only fire up their backup generators, then blame the militia.


Anonymous said...

Make that list and check it thoroughly. The information is all available on the web now.
Just in case....

Anonymous said...

to attack the infastructure is to attack the people. To attack the tyrant is to free the people. Of corse the rub is; We don't have any control over any of this. It will be decided in basments and kitchens and in public parks. God help us all.

Phelps said...

I think your viable target list is a little narrower than it will end up being in reality. All armed conflicts are by definition political, and I think this one the political lines are conveniently drawn. 90+% of the inhabitants in heavily populated urban areas are inhabited by people who fully support the regime, both in spirit and material support. Once the conflict begins, the self-evacuation of patriots will bring this to nearly 100%. At that point, this sort of targeted power system disruption will be wholly viable under 4GW principles.

Note that this is not like taking down entire state grids. This sort of attack easily targets particular urban areas while sparing surrounding rural areas -- or even particular neighborhoods within the urban areas.

I any event, the reality is, once the balloon goes up, everyone ends up on one side or the other. The ones that you know will never be on your side have already had it decided for them.

SWIFT said...

Seeing the picture of the tanks at Waco, reminds me how the FBI, repeatedly and purposefully, ran those tanks over the grave of the unarmed 17 year old boy, who was scraping rust from the water tower. Contrary to the "Official" story, the ATF, in a helicopter, shot and killed him with an automatic weapon. His crime? The ATF had not given his church it's stamp of approval. Every time I see that photo, my blood boils. While both agencies lied their way out of wrongdoing, I will always look upon them as vermin. Lice! I want nothing to do with them.

Roger J said...

I agree, Mike. Eventually the other side will become so frustrated by the resistance that they will hit a school, a church, or an entire community with their drones and helicopter gunships on the basis of an anonymous tip or informant misinformation. That will play into our hands just as napalming villages helped the enemy in Vietnam. There is no need for patriotic Americans to do the work of the other side for them.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your methodology of the next civil war, MVB, but in all likelihood, this government...a government that has proven its' propensity for controlling its' people through the use of deadly force... will be the ones that destroy our infrastructure, and then blame it on folks like us.


Liberty or Death said...

This is EXACTLY my view of how CW II should be fought by us. Very specific target actions, even to the extent of letting targets go if the actions would endanger their family. Oath violators (at all levels), their cheerleaders and (should it go that far) blue hats are the ONLY legitimate targets and they must all be attacked vigorously and violently before they can go underground themselves. The ROE must be strictly adhered to to maintain our moral compass and credibility. They will certainly try to hide behind our ROE and they most likely will try to pull off actions in our name which violate the ROE but our actions can keep public opinion if not outright support on our side.

Anonymous said...

One Hundred Heads, my arse.

Your 'counting coup Indian' is probably 75 years old with diabetes, Alzheimers, and serious arthritis who can barely get out of bed in the morning.

I think we'll do just fine against you lot. In fact, you're barely the work of a few days.

Anonymous said...

An article on forming one's own intelligence network would be highly valuable. Whether lone wolf or small group, it'd be key to know who works at various anti-freedom organizations, their role on the totem pole, and where they live, what they drive, etc, and do so without leaving a trail back to the free-for intelligence officer.

One purpose would be to pursue psy-ops by leaving a single match projectile in their mail box with the note, "Continue Enforcing/Legislating/Prosecuting/Editorializing for Unconstitutional Acts, and The Next One's Coming Faster."

Elliott said...

I'm reminded of the slogan used by the green movement back in the 90s " think global, act local". Weirdly enough my mind then jumps to the lyric from the old Christmas song.

"He's making a list
He's checking it twice
Gonna find out
Who's naughty and who's nice."

Anonymous said...

mike - glad to see you've rejoined the discussion with something of real insight. the responses here are enlightening and thought provoking. i'd like everyone looking at this to see this is very clearly hearts and minds, and our honor and our souls are at stake. we must never let any act of evil taint this our place in history.

and even though your feud with kevorkian or whoever that citadel guy is, if he is bullshit, his own acts condemn him. if III is your creation, it will live or die on larger fish than this guy. let it go, and quit letting this bug in your hat distract you and your audience.

oughtsix said...


"As I have also written many times before, history is made by determined minorities. We are one such minority, so are they. If they are going to start killing us..."

What do you mean "If" and "start?" How would you characterize what they have already done, so many times, at all levels of .gov? I'll not repeat the litany of "abuse". We all know it by heart.

"it's only smart to make the state-sponsored murderers and law breakers pay..."

Exactly. As 'if' we should ever begin to 'start' to defend ourselves...................

Anonymous said...

"I think we'll do just fine against you lot. In fact, you're barely the work of a few days." -- Anon 2/1/13 @ 08:26PM

'Major General Alured Clarke famously declared “that with a thousand British grenadiers he would undertake to go from one end of American to the other and geld all the males, partly by force and partly with a little coaxing.”'

Seems like some of you Brits never learn.

lorbon_estes said...

Ain't gunna happen. Read the Dick act of 1902.

oughtsix said...



I love and respect you as a brother but, can you please respond?

How long must we abide? How much is enough?

Just where/when the Hell is Fort Sumter?

Happy D said...

Mr. V
I must respectfully disagree.
These Hitlerites routinely threaten us with weapons of deconstruction when they do not get their way or someone points out that their idiotic policies will be opposed.

Thus at least for New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, and such an option like this must be firmly on the table.

Happy D said...

That should have read.
Mr. V
I must respectfully disagree.
These Hitlerites routinely threaten us with weapons of mass destruction when they do not get their way or someone points out that their idiotic policies will be opposed.

Thus at least for New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Denver/Boulder, and such an option like this must be firmly on the table.

Sorry for the bad self editing. As I am very dyslexic I think you all can understand. Computer spelling and grammar checks help less than people think.