Monday, February 4, 2013

Lord Haw Haw has a bad day.



AJ said...

Piers is such a douche, and a terrible interviewer.

Anonymous said...

Enough of this smug fuck.

Anonymous said...

Lord "Haw Haw" or "Hoohaw"?

Trinity said...

I'm surprised the British numb-nut still invites pro gun, or conservatives and libertarians, people on his show to debate the issue of gun control. The only time he appears to win an "all guns are evil" discussion is when he has other sycophants of the collectivist progressives on who already agree with him.

He's brought the young (Ben Shapiro), the controversial (Jessie Ventura), the mildy insane conspiracy freak (Alex Jones), females (Scottie Hughes and Dana Loersch) along with a wide variety of other 2A advocates -- and he gets his pathetic whining ass kicked every time. He may just be converting some of the anti 2A drones who normally drool over his show by exposing them to free thinkers with superior intellects.

He's a living example of Einsteins's law; to keep repeating the same action and expecting a different outcome is insanity...long live insanity among the collectivists!

Anonymous said...

Those two women made him look horrible!

He continues to bring up the death of children, but is completely silent when Obama murders children in drone strikes or in Fast and Furious ops.

Why is that? I guess bc he is all for state sponsored mass murder.

Anonymous said...

I've seen better behaved two year olds.
The man obviously is in need of a diaper change and a nap.

Mike S said...

Piers asks why anyone would need an AR15. First Piers has to answer me a question: why is Ok for the London Police to abandon entire blocks of London and allow thugs to loot and burn to the ground whole sections of the city? He asks why an AR-15 is needed by anyone, asks the shop keepers of LA who had the same treatment by the LA police during thier last riots. When push comes to shove, YOU and YOU alone are responsible to protect yourself. 10 rounds may not be enough. The police only clean up the mess.

Ben Barrack said...


You are right that Haw Haw doesn't bring up Fast & Furious.

BUT, neither did Loesch.

Frankly, I'm tired of the right in these debates not going on offense by bringing up Fast and Furious on their own.

Instead of engaging in the debate about AR-15 for home defense, why don't these people throw F&F in the faces of Piers, et. al.

More their fault than his.