Friday, February 8, 2013

Letter Re: The Proposed Citadel Community in Idaho

More from James Wesley, Rawles on Citadel. I guess he'll be the next person Kerodin challenges to a duel.


Anonymous said...

This community is starting to sound like the barricaded town in 'The Walking Dead' - a town run by a narcissistic sociopath called "The Governor".
Except the zombies will be locked in - not out.

oughtsix said...

No more parsing. No more subtlety.

Kerodin sucks dirty canal water up the old wazoo.

I would love to be in Pa. when he gets his krav maga lesson from Tino.

Absent Tino, I'd love to administer physical remedial correction to Kerrosive/din, myself.

This putz is either:

1. A venal con man, simple.

2. A venal con man co-opted by the feds for agitprop/cointel.

3 A lying, self aggrandizing venal con man (pardon the redundancy) who gets off on ratting out those upon whom he preys for reasons incomprehensible to decent men or,

4. All of the above.

I vote no. 4.

Vote Now, Vote Often! It's Democratic!

Anonymous said...

This is a "paytriot" scam.

Anonymous said...

Sheeeeeeit. That's like giving Harold Covington money.

Old Top said...

Again, Bo Gritz redux.

The whole idea is nuts if they think
DotGov will let them hole up, armed and dissenent. I think it's a FedPlot
to get a good body count when they bring in the 155's.

Anonymous said...

Talk about lowered expectations. 2000 acres down to 200 ?. Riiiight. It`s not hard to make a choice on the above post`s vote possibilities , anyone who has followed this bullshit has to go with No.4.The people who have cast their lot with this creep will defend him til their eyes bug out and spit flying out their mouth`s . Incredible , stupid is as stupid does.