Monday, February 11, 2013

Details emerge in LAPD's mistaken shooting of newspaper carriers

"The women were victims of 'a tragic misinterpretation' by officers working under 'incredible tension,' LAPD Chief Charlie Beck says." But, hey, all will be forgiven because the women shot will get a new truck from the LAPD.


Anonymous said...

"Tragic misinterpretation"?

Have these assholes ever heard about proper target acquisition? This is the same kind of stunt as some idiot who would shoot at a noise in the bushes.

Guess who gets to pay for that shiny new truck. Hint; it won't be the offending morons who shot the hell out of the blue Toyota with female occupants while on the lookout for a male suspect in a gray, Nissan.

I would say unbelievable, but I need to scrub that word from my vocabulary.


Anonymous said...

Protect and Serve. Gotcha.

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Maybe in the Parallel Universe of the Patently Absurd. What ever else is true, these moroons musta been playin hooky when "cognitive thinking" was passed out. All I can say is, I'd bet $1k, one or more "innocents" will be murdered before this plays out, and not one of these trigger happy cockroaches will see the inside of a courtroom.

Anonymous said...

The officers involved should be charged, tried and convicted. They fired without having proper target ID. Had anyone else done this.....they'd be in jail awaiting trial.

Another case of the "only ones" having more rights than the rest of us.

Longbow said...

This was attempted murder. That is all. Will the attempted murderers be charged and tried? Wanna bet?

It happened because the attempted murderers are such good fuckin guys, right? They ONLY want to do the right thing, right? Which is, on this occasion, to attempt to murder a man who attacked the Gang.

Cops, you are defining yourselves.

Anonymous said...

I would hope that Government officials at all levels...and the media...take to heart this lesson that Dorner is giving them. What chaos if there were 10 Dorner's out there? What if there were 100? Do they really think that the three percenter's wouldn't result in at least 1000 Dorner's and complete collapse of stability? Molon Labe!

Anonymous said...

It is my prediction that within the week, LA gangs and criminals will begin looting because the LAPD is watching their own homes instead of the commercial and public-at-large properties. What will happen after that is anybody's guess.

Paul X said...

Why would they want a new truck? The old one, filled with real bullet holes (not just fake pasters), might be the most popular truck in L.A. It's probably worth a lot of money now, for the cool factor.

carlwk3c said...

He will never face trial. Whether on ground or from the air, they will kill him on sight, I've seen reports that they are using or will soon be using drones. They have shot and wounded several innocents by mistake (it certainly looks like they're shooting first and not bothering to ask questions.
This doesn't surprise me. LAPD is one of the most corrupt and abusive non-federal agencies in the country, and has been for many years.
Is the"manifesto" real? Was it altered, or outright created in order to demonize and eliminate a whistleblower? Who knows, but I wouldn't be surprise if that was the case.

Anonymous said...

This is most instructive. If several miscreants took advantage of the situation the state would enter total paralysis.

CowboyDan said...

No comments allowed on the L.A. times page. Why not?

I wonder who's going to "donate" the new truck, per Chief Beck. I wonder hat sort of accommodation he or she might get from the department.

Somebody's going to get something out of it, you can bet on that. I wonder if the EPA is going to investigate the hazmat spill, who's going to pay for the cleanup, and who's going to pay he fine and do the time. Was EPA even notified, or was the event intentionally unreported or worse, covered up?

This whole episode is scary as hell, and how's the true heart of the powers that be. I'm with the majority here in believing he'll never see a courtroom or a jail cell. He's a dead man, and he knows it.

We ought, all of us, to watch carefully what happens in this case. If there is ANY rule of law left in our Republic, Dorner needs to be tried in a public court, with as much time, money, and manpower for his defense as the prosecution will get.

His manifesto's claims need to be fully investigated by more than one group. We don't trust any government agency to do any more than cover their asses, so free people with no attachment to any agency need to be in on the investigation.

Yank lll said...

These incompetent keystone cops should be glad it isnt their "rogue cop" because he probably would have returned fire and shot them all.. its now understandable how the keystone cops were a hollywood invention, they have plenty of role models.

LAPD.. all they're good at is killing dogs and shooting undefended innocents.

Thats why they need all the body armor and assault vehicles.. you never know when some extremist on an assault unicycle might attack them from behind
F'n pussy's.

Yank lll