Tuesday, February 5, 2013

David Codrea: Reese father, son, still jailed as probation fails to deliver ankle monitors

The Reese family victimization continues.


SWIFT said...

This claim of not having ankle monitors is nothing more than a government agency getting it's pound of flesh. Some high ranking turd, (ATF) fearing the new trial will lead to an acquittal, asked a buddy in probation to drag his/her feet. That's how these things work. They are all immoral cretins, but the higher you go, the sleazier they get. They figure, why not? They are accountable to no one. Anyone who believes this delay is an honest mistake, is too naive to breathe.

Jhn1 said...

If the judge were to jail the probation weenie under the same terms and for the same amount of time since the Reeses were to have been released, I bet they would be able to come up with ankle monitors pretty quickly.

Or the judge decides that since the State won't provide the terms they insisted upon, those terms are obviously unneccessary.