Saturday, February 2, 2013

David Codrea: Gun owners squandering valuable resources by ignoring social media

Going back to the reality that “progressive” old media gatekeepers intend to keep us out of their news feeds and that we need to find alternative ways to go over, around, under or through them if we want our message to be heard, how is that a strategy for anything but being out-communicated, and thus outmaneuvered at every turn?


Paul X said...

Well, I didn't ignore it. I was on facebook aka ciabook for about a year - until I had had my fill and wasted enough time. As a means of communicating, it is piss-poor. No matter how much you try to raise the level of discourse it still stays at a 9th grade level. The user interface is absurdly bad.

I'll leave it to the younger folk who can stomach all the idiocy. I find forums, blogs and email much more productive ways to spend my time. Just because something is popular doesn't mean it is worth a damn. Keep in mind 80% of the people don't matter, in any revolution. That 80% you will find on facebook.

oughtsix said...

The comment quoted as exemplary of those not caring, involved or doing their duty, "I don't care," (what's in difi's "bill") is often made by those who, like me, no longer care what the tyrants do. We have made up our minds as to what it is that WE will do.

Among other things, we will not comply with any of their illegitimate edicts so it matters not what's in that damned piece of paper.

Those who can't wait to read it and parse down to the least detail, are wasting their time.

We will not politic our way out of this and any further delay due to obfuscations on either side does us no good. It plays to the long march strategy which has served our enemies so well for a century.

The Armoured Porcupine said...

So when are you at least going to create a pseudonym so we can forward news links to you on FB?