Tuesday, February 5, 2013

College collectivists push citizen disarmament.

College Officials Back Gun Control


William V Wood said...

This is more proof that those who consider themselves intellectuals really aren't very smart. These morons really believe that if they get what they want as far as government is concerned , that they will be in the upper levels. History says other wise, they in fact will be some of the first to the camps, or assuming room temperature in some basement with a bullet hole in their heads. The good thing is, if they are killed off by their own, saves us ammo.

WarriorClass said...

Time to up-date your lists people. Here's the link:


Make note of the ones in your area.

These are the ones in Texas:

Marjorie Hass, Austin College (TX)
Tim Summerlin, Schreiner University (TX)
Jake B. Schrum, Southwestern University (TX)
Dennis A. Ahlburg, Trinity University (TX)
Thomas W. Keefe, University of Dallas (TX)

carlwk3c said...

Everything thest libtards advocate flies in the face of reason and human decency.

Trinity said...

I've got three college degrees --BS (reflects it's true worth)and 2 MSs) without having to use critical thinking skills nor logical reasoning, but just regurgitating the indoctrination crapola regurly shoveled in mass quantities on the students. "Higher education," like so many things in modern society over the last 25+ years is but a shadow of it's former worth or stature.

As the representatives at this conclave demonstrated, all you need be to make it as a "professional educator" in this country is either total drone acceptance of the indoctrination provided, or be a communist provocateur -- ala Bill Ayers -- if not a combination of both.

Anonymous said...

"Outside of trained law enforcement officers, guns have no place in our schools or on our campuses."

Or in another time:

"Outside of the janitorial staff, blacks have no place in our schools or on our campuses."

I wonder what this idiot thinks "trained" constitutes in this context? Or that cops generally have no college education whatsoever and are psychological trash? Or that there are 19 year olds in the navy, right this moment, in charge of nuclear reactors and with their fingers on the literal button?

Anonymous said...

Interesting so many collegiate leaders think a sine qua non of attendance at their citadel of "higher learning" is for ADULTS (yes the majority college students are recognized adults) to agree to abrogate their "inalienable rights" . >Jeff

carlwk3c said...

Yes. Given that, despite the face that armed citizens justifiably kill significantly more criminals each year than the police do, you are almost six times more likely to be mistakenly/accidentally shot by the police than the armed citizen.
Also, remember the fairly rcent incident in NYC where the police shot nine innocent bystanders while trying to get one bad guy? If I recall correclly, they didn't hit the bad guy.
How's all that training working for you?