Friday, February 1, 2013

Aryan Brotherhood stages hit on local prosecutor?

Kaufman County authorities plead for leads to find assistant DA's killers
However, hours after Hasse was gunned down, the Department of Justice issued a release on its website crediting the Kaufman County District Attorney's Office with helping investigate two known members of the Aryan Brotherhood of Texas gang. They pleaded guilty the day of the shooting to racketeering charges.
Before the release was issued, The Dallas Morning News credited "authorities with knowledge of the assistant DA's caseload" as saying he was "heavily involved" in an investigation of the Aryan Brotherhood. According to the release, Ben Christian Dillon, aka "Tuff", of Houston, and James Marshall Meldrum, aka "Dirty", of Dallas, both "agreed to commit multiple acts of murder, robbery, arson, kidnapping and narcotics tracking" for the Aryan Brotherhood.


jon said...

i have been paying close attention to this story; glad you've noticed it.

while i'm all but certain time will prove this incident an indefensible act of first degree murder, it is still going to be definitive of the atmosphere in this country if the body politic is not allowed to live their lives in peace and quiet.

when the state makes itself an enemy of the people, whilst at any minute it has the capacity to kneel and serve, it does not much matter the differences between races, creeds, vices, or flaws of those people. not in this country.

Paul X said...

The prosecutor was a "great guy"? That would be a first.

This looks more like a war between two gangs (the government gang and aryan brotherhood) than anything else.