Friday, February 1, 2013

Another ATF scandal. Breaking News from David Codrea: Court grants new trial to New Mexico gun dealer family!

Judge: "There is no doubt the prosecution, intentionally or negligently suppressed the evidence.”


Anonymous said...

They are coming to confiscate the guns in NYS...
[i]The County Clerks met in Albany to discuss the Cuomo gun law among other issues. During the meeting the State Police made a presentation to the clerks and dropped the three following bomb shells:

Beyond mailing out the initial notice letter the Counties are going to be responsible for the re certification process. Their intervention was to push this to the Counties as an un funded mandate. (This is of course in direct contradiction to the law that was passed)

The Freedom of information law opt out will have to renewed every five years. (There is nothing in the law requiring renewal of the opt out once granted.)

The State police also said that gun confiscation will be carried out as an end result of non compliance with the permit renewal process or gun registry.

The County Clerk's oppose the actions of the State police and the Governor's office and are seeking further clarification on these issues.[/i]

Anonymous said...

It this video posted by Karl Denninger is any indicator gun confiscation is not going to go as easy as they think.

AJ said...

Even if totally exonerated, they will be completely ruined and in debt for the rest of their lives. Just remember folks, if the feds set their sights on you, your life will be ruined at best. Win or lose.
Act accordingly.

Anonymous said...

You know, for such a group of "highly trained professionals", their fuck-up quotient seems a little high to me.

SWIFT said...

I do not know how the process works, but the attorneys for the Reese family need to push for prosecutorial misconduct. Other than the Reeses all being acquitted, I can't think of anything better than seeing the U.S. Attorney placed in prison like Mike Nifong in the Duke case. That would be the perfect ending to this case. U.S. Attorneys, in a prison cell, have a way of sending a message to the entire DOJ, that being a high profile, lying shitbag, has unintended consequences. And make no mistake, all U.S. Attorneys lie and hide evidence. Making a name for themselves has always been a higher priority for them than justice. In fairness, sometimes the FBI, ATF and other agencies, hide evidence from the U.S, Attorney. We saw that at the Randy Weaver/Kevin Harris trial in Boise, Idaho. I think it would be fitting if the liar was placed in a jail cell with a depraved sexual animal. Preferably, one with AIDS.

Anonymous said...

I'll go with "intentional" misconduct by the gubbment prosecution (as opposed to merely "negligent").

B Woodman