Monday, February 11, 2013

Ammo Test

With the help of a good friend, on a recent cold and nasty day, I tested some PMC 9mm ammunition provided by Lucky Gunner. The test matched PMC 115 Grain JHPs against 124 Grain Starfire JHPs.
The test platform was a CZ-75.
Some target results:
115 Grain at 15 yards off-hand.
115 Grain at 25 yards, from rest.
124 Grain at 15 yards, off-hand.
124 Grain at 25 yards, from rest.
For comparison purposes, we also fired some XTP reloads tailored for the pistol. Here are the results at 15 yards off-hand.
The weather conditions were an ambient temp of 50F, with heavy overcast. The chronograph results were as follows:
PMC 115gr JHP
Average 1135
High 1158
Low 1120
Extreme Spread 38
Standard Deviation 15
1. 1158
2. 1124
3. 1133
4. 1140
5. 1120
PMC 124gr Starfire JHP
Average 1068
High 1075
Low 1057
Extreme Spread 18
Standard Deviation 7
1. 1073
2. 1064
3. 1075
4. 1072
5. 1057
The PMC 115 grains were the most accurate. The brass of both rounds were consistently thrown to the same spot on the shooting house floor, an indication of production quality.
In expansion testing the penetration was identical at 2 full gallon milk jugs filled with water.
115 Grain Expanded.
115 Grain Expanded.
124 Grain Starfire expanded.
124 Grain Starfire expanded.


AJ said...

Aren't you supposed to writing a book? :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice test.

Thank you !

Anonymous said...

PMC brass is always nice and shiny too ;)

Anonymous said...

Been looking at for a couple of weeks. Every time they get .22 for sale, I can't enter my data fast enough to get any. Always runs out before I get to the finish line. Frustrating.

Anonymous said...

Exact results may vary from test pistol to your pistol.
(But it does seem like pretty sweet shooting ammo)

B Woodman

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

Cold and nasty?
I was out shooting my M4 yesterday, I think it was 18'F!
(M-4?, yes, Sean made me do it!)

BadCyborg said...

I'm kinda partial to 165 gr Speer Gold Dot JHP .40 S&W for my Jericho (Uzi Eagle) and my Glock 22. Kinda partial to the increased energy of the 165gr .40 over a 9mm.

The Glock feels very nice in a Remora holster just to the left of my tailbone (I'm a southpaw) and sometimes it's easy to almost forget it's there.

johnny gee said...

The cupped area around the primer pocket takes some damage from my Smith. Don't know if I'll reload it more than once.