Saturday, February 9, 2013

Accused cop-killer left manifesto praising Obama, Hillary, Piers Morgan, gun control

"Needless to say, if his manifesto had extolled gun rights and called Obama “a vile and inhumane piece of sh*t” instead of Wayne LaPierre, this would be a five-alarm media inferno floating on a sea of sweaty rhetoric about The Conservative Movement turning to madness over gun control. The goal, as it was with Palin and as it always, always, always is in a situation like this, would be to cow law-abiding people on the right into softening their opposition to liberal policies or else be accused of complicity in some random crank’s bloodletting."


bittter clinging Texan said...

one thing I think is hinky is that the language in the first half of the manifesto is completely opposite of what one one expect a gun control freak obama supporter to use. He uses the term "asymetrical warfare", he points to the fact that the might of the US army has failed to eradicate guerrilla groups, and he qoutes the thomas Jefferson statement about the tree of liberty. how weird is that-----I mean how many "tree of liberty" signs have you seen at occupy rallies? When is the last time you've heard mayor bloomberg or chris matthews refer to asymetrical warfare or note that the might of the US army has failed to destroy the jihadist guerrillas?
just an observation

MamaLiberty said...

I've been following this story closely, and it seems obvious to me that we don't have any way to know the truth.

We don't know what really happened, and we don't have a clue if he actually wrote that "manifesto" at all - or if it was altered in some way after he did.

All we really have to go on is the same "official story" and MSM lies/ineptitude we have for much of anything else in the "news."

I don't really know what's going on. All I can do is watch my six and not be in any hurry to believe anything "official."

Anonymous said...

This wouldn't be a 'false flag' op would it? We all know that all these so-called 'shooting' lately are not all as clear cut as they are reported. Many false flags have been set up!

Steve said...

I've heard/read a few folks declaring possible false flag. I just am not educated enough to understand how someone pulls that off without the masses finding out. Chris Kyle being snuffed by a PTSD marine makes sense. The Marine being cut from the correct cloth if you will. Some of these others I wonder. Not closed to the idea but even I still resist and I'm pretty awake.