Saturday, March 3, 2012

Connecting the Dots on Fast and Furious

From American Thinker.


Anonymous said...

Here are some dots for all of U.S..

5 grunts in Afganistain get the luck of the draw of duty the day some trash that happens to include by accident some mistreated by islamic terrorist korans.

They are up for courts marshall.

Obama, Holder, all the ones of the DOJ,ATF and BP, FBI, DEA who enabled the gun running that got a BP and INS agent and hundreds of Mexicans killed they get to swear lies on front of every one of U.S..

Nothing, crickets.

That about the straight of it?

Ashrak said...

Issa and Boehner, and quote frankly every other member of the House, most especially the membership of the GOP will NEVER live down the shame that history will always shine on their "careers" in "service" to their country.

Articles of Impeachment, a whole host of them, should have already been filed and voted on. There is intentional stonewalling and slowplaying going on, for sure, but not just by Holder. Issa is guilty of it himself. Setting a deadline and then not sticking to it is THE SAME thing Barry does. Can you say GITMO?

The political faction that George Washington warned posterity to steer clear of has come to pass in a way that no historian will ever be able to honestly deny.

I imagine a cartoon like that piece I just read ( which was remarkably familiar throughout as if I read it all before though in bits and pieces) begs for a picture of Holder with three sets of hands covering his eyes, his ears, and his mouth, a thinking bubble with test saying "I know nothing, I hear nothing, I see nothing and I say nothing" with a computer screaming YOU'VE GOT MAIL from dozens of senders and a landline rining, a cell phone ringing and folks beating on the door of his office holding signs saying THE ATF IS RUNNING GUNS OVER THE BORDER TO CARTELS.

In the last panel, show Obama sitting there grinning, with a thought bubble saying "It just doesn't get any better than this."
Of course, with John Boehner bowing down and kissing his sandals, while Issa gives him a back rub.

Anonymous said...

Things are looking up.