Thursday, October 6, 2011

A Tale of Two Videos from CNN's Anderson Cooper 360.

Watch this.

Then watch this.

The first is video as posted afterward on CNN's blog. The second is as broadcast.

What is in the second that is not in the first?


Conway said...

Mendacious Goebbelsian rhetoric is present in both.

Anonymous said...

It is the difference between non-feasance and malfeasance. The first involves improper performance of a legal duty; the second is am illegal or wrongful act.

The "botched sting" motif has lost traction and "criminal conspiracy" is gradually taking its place.

As such, this is now the subject matter for a JUDICIAL PROCEEDING rather than a problem of oversight and reform.


Ashrak said...

as is said........."The rest of the story"

"It's Never Been Done Before" is what is most obvious to me about what is in the second but not in the First. CNN had to remove that bit in order to support the NEW excuse that "Bush Did It".

Anonymous said...


Are you and I looking at two different videos?


WV: "halla" the food BHO will request to be served in his prison cell.

Barney said...

Also, the first video states that there were 3 guns found at the Brian Terry murder. The story now is that there were two. Could the third gun been one of the guns that ATF purchased directly?


Longbow said...

What stands out to me is all the talking heads repeating the mantra, "Does this make any sense? It just doesn't make any sense!" They sound like the kids from Southpark.

When I was Distributing the film, Waco: The Rules of Engagement, People used to stop and watch the film for a few moments and say the same thing, "That doesn't make any sense, why'd they do that...? Two types of people would ask that. Those who bought a copy of the film, and those who turned and walked away with a look of horror their faces.

For those liberal, open-minded, government-is-daddy types, here is a clue.

Back up to change your perspective. Consider that you MIGHT HAVE been lied to about the true objective of the operation. Consider that the people who put this operation together, and supervised it, didn't have benevolent intentions at all.

Then ask again, of Mike and David, what was the true objective of this operation.

RWS III said...

Well just like MSM always does "they" played the conspiracy theory card....but this might be the first time I ever heard them actually admit that maybes its not theory but truly a real conspiracy.


Mark Roote said...

@Ashrak, "It's never been done before" is in the first video, check again at 2:15ish.
As for what's in the second but not in the first... everything?
All of the additional conversation that lends credence to what the sheriff is saying. Without the additional info, it looks like the sheriff is trying to stir something up on his own. With the additional info, it looks like the sheriff is simply stating the effects caused by the earlier info provided.

Jeez, you'd think they'd have longer video available online than they played on air. Must be a storage capacity issue :/

Texan said...


Sheriff Babeu needs to get as much press and visibility as possible - he's well-spoken, educated, mild-mannered, good-looking, and the perfect spokesman for explaining the evils of this blatant DOJ crime.

Anonymous said...

I'd sure like to know WHO is corporate responsible at these MSM headquarters, for authorizing WHAT and WHEN they "broadcast" or release these types of "news reports". I'd like to see a list. At least then, you could contact the ones that REALLY control the way or or pitchforks.

eraserhead said...

"semi-auto, fully auto, and .50 cal sniper rifles.....weapons we don't even have"

armadillo said...

Very interesting to compare the two. The first is the cleaned up information and the second is the truth. Wonder when and how the Obama admin. got control of CNN. I would like for someone to explain in the media when they say 200 Mexicans have been killed, I think that is where they were able to see the bodies and the trace the guns because the cartel was killed or captured. What about when the cartel drives into a small town, shoots everyone in sight and moves on to the next town? How many of those guns are F&F guns? How would anyone know?

Anonymous said...

First video still refers to 3 guns at the Terry murder site, in the second video there are only 2 guns.

pdxr13 said...

Short video edits recounting of Sheriff Deputies being outnumbered/outgunned at US crime scenes. The Mexican Insurgency is here.

F&F was a pretty-near-complete success. Only the cover-up was botched.

Guns to Cartels, Cocaine to Phoenix, cash to fill re-election pockets, and no one (we like) gets hurt.

"hundreds of Mexicans" includes only those who are indisputably innocent victims documented to have been killed by captured US-sourced weapons. Like US unemployment numbers, the rules for counting exclude most of what normal honest people would include.

The actual number of Mexicans killed by the on-going insurgency is 10's of thousands PER YEAR. Villages are emptied, economies collapsed. This is open-source war, Robb-style. The cartels will eventually get themselves a Failed State that cannot resist it, thus gain legitimacy as Hamas has. A little education (propaganda & Cartel soldier training) for elementary students and some food aid, along with control of random violence in the street (all violence and crime will be carefully controlled) is the cheapest thing to buy votes.


Anonymous said...

The puzzling thing about the 2nd video; the beginning portion bends over backwards to allege TWO guns, not three --the aim is to protect the legal standing of their informant, since he was present at the time of the killing of the BP agent. Much later in the 2nd video, they blunder and state the truth (somewhat less extravangtly) that there were indeed THREE guns.

Ballistics tests of the three guns ruled out the first two admitted guns as the murder weapon.

It is POSSIBLE that an FBI informant killed a BP agent, or at least that the weapon of that informant was used in that murder.