Saturday, October 1, 2011

Praxis: Game Changer.

Three former mujahedeen recall the day when they started to beat the Soviets.


Anonymous said...

I'd be willing to bet that the Rooskies are still pissed...

DH Pence said...

I call bullshit on the article - The firing techniques and issues described in the article do not in any way apply to firing a real Stinger. The reporter may have done the interviews, but it looks like Hadji duped him.

pdxr13 said...

Assume that CIA trainers and handlers were present, perhaps even aiming the stingers while listening to the radio for spotting info. Haji was making tea and preparing to praise Allah, while American tech and American boys did the real work and got no credit (or only deniability).

The Russians are pissed like we are pissed at he Chicoms helping the Vietnamese to outlast us there. Which is to say: "STILL PISSED".
What really bothers the Russians is that they were going to be the first foreign army to EVER win against Pashtuns in Afghanistan, by utterly destroying the country village by village, and killing as many Afghans as possible, while driving the rest out. If not for Congressman Wilson, the Soviets would have a former-State in Afghanistan, mining/exporting and generally behaving herself, as much as a 'Stans country can. Pashtuns would be a disgruntled landless people, living in Paki camps.

Yep, noble poppy farmers and tribesmen will survive, and the smack will ship.


Mark Matis said...

For pdxr13:

You say WE are pissed at the Chinese? Well, maybe some Mere Citizens are. But with the Muslim in Chief bowing to their leader, and good ol' Johnny McShame going to Nam a few years back and groveling before them, it is rather difficult to pretend that the Official United States is the least bit unhappy with them.

pdxr13 said...

Hi Mark,

I feel mis-represented by my gov't. Un-represented would be better than this.

There are lessons to not forget from 1959-1975 in Indo-China, as there are fresh ones to not forget coming home from Afghanistan. My favorite one is that concealment from eyes is not necessarily concealment from machines.


Anonymous said...

"Americans and muslism"

Gives you a great way into the way these animals think.

Sean said...

DH Pence, I am a former Stinger gunner, and I can say to you truthfully, that although they didn't describe the exact sequence of firing a Stinger, or neccessarily in correct order, they were more or less, correct. Also note, the correct sequence and instructions for firing a Stinger are classified. And saying the phrase, "I call (insert latest sollipism here) well, sounds kinda stupid. Why not just SAY bullshit? So Hadji didn't dupe anybody, The Wall Street Journal merely failed to disclose classified information, as requested by the Dept. of Defense. Anything else you'd like to "call?".