Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh, poor babies, they're all just SO upset at the White House. Obamanoid spinmeisters now are yelling at Sharyl Attkisson to "be reasonable!"

"The Washington Post is reasonable! The LA Times is reasonable! The New York Times is reasonable!" -- White House Gunwalker Scandal spinmeister Eric Schultz to CBS reporter Sharyl Attkisson, telling her that she was being "unreasonable.".

Long time readers will recall my comments on the White hiring of Eric Schultz on 13 May. "White House gets serious about the Gunwalker scandal. How do we know? They hired a Net-savvy PR flack skilled in scandal-deflection."

Well now that "net-savvy PR flack" is reportedly screaming, literally screaming, at Sharyl Attkisson. You gotta listen to this, folks:



Anonymous said...


Which is more important?

The fact that thousands of gun were allowed to walk


The walking of the guns was intended to undermine the constitution? Treason, in other words....

Anonymous said...

@ 7:30 into the tape; "someone had to do the initial sign off on this..."

I suspect, as I have for some time now, that the "initial sign-off" was done by none other than Barry O.

This would likely be a very good reason for them coming unglued and screaming at this reporter.

It is a fear based behavior. Panic has struck them as they consider they may have lost control of this story and will suffer serious consequences.

What a crooked web we weave, when we endeavor to deceive. Indeed!


Legal Alien said...

Mike -
start a collection for a formal tux and remember, no boonie hat when you collect your Pulitzer award.
Also, no outlandish tie for David either.
just saying . . . . . .

Legal Alien

Anonymous said...

'The truth will set you free.'

Anonymous said...

The "flak" is getting heavier. We must be approaching the center of the target zone.

Prepare to drop bombs!!

B Woodman

pdxr13 said...

As is the case at the ATF agent-->supervisor level, the first one to sing gets the best deal. Holder could cut a deal with the Special Prosecutor, but he wants to live long enough to do so.

Suicide and accidents seem so ...common... when people at high levels who know a lot of stuff and might have pocket voice recordings and personal memos get put under a lot of stress by unreasonable reporters and non-partisan relatively not-corrupt Special Prosecutors.

Standing by on the West Coast.

W W Woodward said...

I wonder how the press intends to respond to "reasonable" rules and regulations as they would infringe upon the 1st Amendment?

They've never seem to have had a problem with "reasonable" infringements upon the 2nd.


Dedicated_Dad said...

Gotta love it...

The LA/NY Times, WaPo -- THEY are "reasonable", because they don't think it's a story and thus aren't covering it.

Atkisson OTOH is "*UN*reasonable" - and thus fit only to be screamed and cursed at - because she won't participate in the cover-up and bury the story!

And Holder thought Issa was asking "when did you find out about THE UPROAR over F&F" -- as opposed to "when did you know guns were being walked"? THAT makes sense -- after all, we ALWAYS question cabinet-level positions under oath to find out their knowledge of public outcry - and NEVER over the REASON FOR said outcry...

Only Demmunists could say this shit with a straight face!

Toastrider said...

If Chairman Zero actually, officially signed off on this, then he really is as stupid as he looks.

Seriously. I (and many others) have remarked on how the Obama administration looks like a bunch of amateurs, but ye gods... that really would be an amateur mistake. NEVER put your name to something that could blow back on you like that!

Backwoods Engineer said...

Apparently, the empire has struck back. Their latest tactic? "It's Boooooooooooooooosh's fault!"


arhooley said...

Hi, guys

What do we know about Operation Wide Receiver? I've been looking on a few lefty sites and apparently they've got they're defense for F&F: Bush started it. He walked guns under Wide Receiver. Hedzup.

Grog said...

Dutch, wtf is it with people who won't give you and David the credit for all the work you've done on this?

Laura's done a lot of great work, but she's wrong on this.


AntiCitizenOne said...

arhooley - Dubya was no friend to gun owners either - he would have signed the renewed AWB into law had it come across his desk.

Not to mention the clusterfuck in Iraq.

If his fingerprints are on this turd, too, let him and Obummer rot in the same pit.

arhooley said...

Ugh, so what were the scope, tactics, and objectives of Wide Receiver? Did guns start walking in 2006? I think I'm gonna throw up.

HammerHead said...

Laura nails it at the end of the interview. "If you are getting yelled and screamed at you are probably turning over the right rock"!

We all know that's where SNAKES hide, under rocks!

Cocked, locked and ready to rock!

Hammerhead out!

HammerHead said...

arhooley said...

Hi, guys

What do we know about Operation Wide Receiver? I've been looking on a few lefty sites and apparently they've got they're defense for F&F: Bush started it. He walked guns under Wide Receiver. Hedzup.
It doesn't matter. 3 years later and they are still in Blame Bush mode. It's laughable the lengths these pukes will go to, to defend this administration! The main difference that I can see on the surface between Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious is;

1) the massive amount of guns
2) Several US LEO's are dead
3) The AG lied to cover his ass

That about sums it up! Holder needs to be fired and JAILED (maybe water boarded) until he gives that POS in the white house up!

Cocked, locked and ready to rock!

HammerHead out!

james said...

Attkisson was on OReilly this evening, oct 6, in case anyone missed it. it was segment 2 that started at 10 after. Ingraham was in the first segment after talking points and they talked about this towards the end

Anonymous said...

Ran across this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yfAeMtcURg0

It's a blast from the past with "Comical Ali" or "Baghdad Bob" as he had became known in certain circles.

At 8:40 to 8:45 in the video, he stops a reporter as she was asking if he had seen the President in the last few days,(US Troops were advancing onto the city of Baghdad) and he turns away and then back, telling her to: "Ask something reasonable."

Interesting how this tactic is still being used to some success.