Sunday, October 9, 2011

Jack Kelly: "Impeach Eric Holder."

Link here.

The Democratic-controlled Senate never would convict Mr. Holder, no matter how high the bodies pile up. But if the House impeaches him, even the "reasonable" news organizations will be forced to cover one of the bloodiest scandals in American history.


Sedition said...

Carry through with the impeachment...and when the Dems give Holder a free pass, that will give a whole new reason to clean the Senate out from top to bottom.
And perhaps someone will have the marbles to investigate those giving the pass and bring charges against them all.

Da Curly Wolf said...

I'd rather fire the son of a bitch out of a cannon...but that's just me.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Gunwalker is gaining some serious traction Mr. Mike.

There is a particularly good take on the utter incompitancy and hubris of these SOB's over at American Thinker:

Impeach the bastard.
Holder goes down the rest follow like dominoes. obama can't throw a politically assassinated AG under the bus. He can't pardon an American who is impeached for treason or high crimes per the Constitution.
obama and his ilk are so dirty hey are inextricably intertwined, their hubris and arrogance so obnoxious they have become despots.

If they get away with this we don't make it to 2012.
If they get away with this treason they can get away with anything.
Impeachment is what keeps redress peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Between the spineless RINOs, the Libturd Leftist media, and the DemonRats, I somehow don't see that happening.

Unless the TEA Party gets enough people into office in both Houses of Congress, then maybe they'll press criminal charges after the fact.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

Get that pig. Get them ALL.

Ashrak said...

Would the Democrat Majority Senate really ignore it all trying to save Barry?

Not Hardly.

That claim is just a attempt to intimidate the House.

John Boehner, it is time to SPEAK.
File the Articles and tell everyone that it has been done, and how we move forward.

Enough of this silence imposing stalling, Mr. Speaker. Do Your Job, Mr. Speaker.

Pat H. said...

Impeach Holder and his direct boss, the fuhrer of the Obama Junta.

By timing it correctly, it will cause issues with the nomination of the fuhrer-god, many of the Democrat faithful are opposed to stacking bodies of people, even those of Spanish speaking indians in Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Not only should they, but they have an obligation to do it. Impeaching isn't enough though. He needs to be treated like any other citizen, and bought up on charges, tried and punished. I've had enough. This isn't about politics. That line was crossed, when crimes were committed.
To many establishment Republicans have blurred the lines of politics and crime. Crime is when a law is broken, if they need to be reminded. If they don't have the courage to do what's right, they need to resign themselves. Step aside, and let someone take the job that does have courage, for the sake of the country.

Anonymous said...

Oh Please!


With these congressional chickenshits?

Too much herb.