Saturday, October 8, 2011

It is nice to be loved. I make my second Clinton "Enemies List."

"He wrote WHAT?!?"

I have long resembled Kurt Hofmann's dictum, "It is better to be despised by the despicable than admired by the admirable." I am proud to say that I have been on the White House Enemies List of three consecutive presidents. And now, like a old campaigner getting another battle star, it is rumored that I have made a second Clinton enemies list.

A source familiar with the inner workings of the command deck at Foggy Bottom reports that my "In at the beginning" series (here and here) has excited some interest in the mid-level permanent bureaucracy there and that links have been forwarded to the Secretary of State's office.

"So?" I said. "And?"

"They don't like where you're going with this."

"Outstanding," I replied.

"SECSTATE doesn't like it."

"REALLY? She reads my stuff?"

"She read your latest."

"All the shit going on all around the world and she's worried about me? I don't believe it."

"Believe it."

"And she doesn't like it?"

"She doesn't like where you're going, is what I hear. She doesn't like the attention about Fast & Furious."

"Damn. . . I HAVE arrived."

"You'll arrive on the 'kill list' if she gets pissed enough."

I laughed.

"You're fishin' in very deep waters in a very small boat, son."

"Just call me Jonah," I told him.

He didn't laugh.




The only woman on the planet who scares me more than my ex-wife.


Female III said...

Don't be scared, Mike. I can kick her ass.

WarriorClass said...

Congrats Mike! Well Done!


Some Anonymous Guy nicknamed Millerized said...

It'll be a 10:1 ratio, Mike.
For every one they want to try to take, there will 10 of them fall.
That I will promise you. That I will guarantee. That I will stake my reputation on. (not that it's much of a rep, but it's something)

oldsmobile98 said...

I'd heartily recommend reposting the "One Hundred Heads" letter, just to give her fair warning.

As you told me recently, you have "insurance that money can't buy".

Anonymous said...

Heh. Those roaches sure hate it when the sunlight hits 'em, don't they.

Anonymous said...

Damn! Mike, you HAVE arrived. And in style, too. Congratulations! Mazol tov!
And keep up the good work.
They started it all, you'll finish it all.
And if you "disappear", the Hundred Heads rule will apply. It's a target-rich environment out there.
"The tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of patriots and tyrants from time to time."

B Woodman

wv: gesoratt - A well-painted rodent

Chuck Martel said...

That's one off the old bucket list.

Now if only a raging mob would burn you in effigy . . . . :)

Anonymous said...

THAT-A-BOY, MIKE!!! Keep up the outstanding work, sir. You're a hero to many of us out here keeping up with this disgusting scandal.

Ashrak said...

So who goes under which bus?

Does Clinton go under the Barry Bus or does Barry go under the Clinton Bus?

Maybe another outcome is about to play out. Maybe a game of chicken is played and the two buses hit head on because neither is willing to take responsibility for their own action, each trying to pin it all on the other.

You might well be in deep water but the small boat of truth you are riding in keeps right on floating, while the weight of lies sinks, eventually, all those who try to swim with it hanging around their necks.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

I won't go so far as to say that any enemy of Hillary Clinton's is a friend of mine--but that list sure makes a pretty damned good starting point when looking for friends.

I agree about re-posting the "One Hundred Heads" letter, citing this development as the reason for the re-post, if only to try to get another entry in CSGV's silly "Insurrectionism Timeline."

Well done, Mike.

Da Curly Wolf said...

"I'd heartily recommend reposting the "One Hundred Heads" letter, just to give her fair warning."
inspired by Kipling's "Grave of the Hundred Head" I assume

swiontek3625 said...

Congrats! Keep up the heat!

Walter Zoomie said...

Fuck that bitch. With a chain saw.

Sedition said...

I concur with the others...100 heads, without remorse.

Anonymous said...

It's better to be in a small boat out at sea in deep water when the tsunami hits...

J. Croft said...

Maybe you should remind her of Mena

Anonymous said...

Yo Ms. Clinton! You can run but you can't hide!

Anonymous said...

Well, if not Mordor on the Potomac's "kill list", perhaps the mob's. When I lived in AR back in the 80s, stories about the Clintons' involvement with the Dixie Mafia were legion. Those stories received corroboration in Ambrose Evans-Pritchard's 1997 book, The Secret Life of Bill Clinton: The Unreported Stories. There's no reason to believe their relationship with the criminal underworld was ever terminated.

Anonymous said...

Take a good long look at that picture any you might get a new insight into what it must be like to be William Jefferson Clinton.

Can you imagine waking up next to that? Year after year after year.....

Reminds me of the old story about gnawing your own arm off to avoid waking her up.

My turn: wv -- jemen - the act of performing in a Reggae band: "We Be jemen."

Backwoods Engineer said...


If Hitlery says she doesn't like where you're going with Gunwalker, that is high praise indeed. I share your sentiment, "outstanding!"