Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The gang that couldn't shoot straight.


Anonymous said...

Is this an attempt by CBS to muddy the waters in the F&F investigation?
Or is it just a way for them to spread their political love.


Detty said ATF would have a small audio recording device. Sometimes it was hidden in a box of Kleenex," he said. One of the biggest cases was code-named: "Operation Wide Receiver."

Attkisson asked Detty, "Do you know about how many guns we're talking about?"

Detty said, "It's right around 450."

Detty came forward after things didn't work out as Detty had thought they would. Detty says he realized ATF was letting guns "walk" and instead of helping to take down cartels, he'd helped ATF arm them.

Attkisson asked, "When you look back and think in hindsight knowing what we know now - that all those guns were going on the street - what do you think about?"

Detty said, "It really makes me sick."

Attkisson noted that all this happened under the Bush administration - three years before the start of "Fast and Furious," the better-known ATF operation under the Obama administration that has come under scrutiny . "Fast and Furious" allegedly let thousands of weapons fall into the hands of Mexican drug cartels, and is now the subject of two investigations.

Anonymous said...

and the pile gets higher and wider

Anonymous said...

Of course they knew. It looks like EVERYBODY knew.

One big anti-constitution party was had by all!

No wonder they're having trouble investigating this and prosecuting the participants for CONSPIRACY, MURDER and TREASON.

It's hard not to implicate your friends and yourself, if you are integrally involved in the crimes. Moreover it's hard to get a predetermined outcome when the evidence and testimony don't corroborate your theme and story.

Need more op/sec, homeland security here we come. Congradulation on pegging that one too Mike.