Friday, October 7, 2011

Demanding justice for the Gunwalker Conspirators from the bottom up. Ten Arizona Sheriffs to denounce F& F today & Obama bus tour opportunity.

ABC15 reports:

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu and nine other elected sheriffs will hold a press conference to discuss ATF’s “Operation Fast and Furious.” 11am, Arizona Peace Officers Memorial, Wesley Bolin Plaza, Phoenix.

And, in a potentially related development, CBS reports: Obama to embark on bus tour to sell Jobs Act.

President Obama will embark on another bus tour later this month to sell his $447 billion jobs plan, a White House official confirms.

The president will travel through North Carolina and Virginia to continue his vigorous campaign on behalf of his American Jobs Act.

"North Carolina and Virginia." Hmmm.

Folks, it is time to dog Obama's ass in public about the Gunwalker cover-up. Any and every Threeper, Second Amendment activist, Tea Partier, and unaffiliated patriot who can get a piece of cardboard and a magic marker ought to line the bus route and the speech venues of Obama with signs that say "Holder lied and people died!" or whatever other sentiment you wish convey related to the Gunwalker Plot.

Obama shouldn't be able to show his guilty face in public without somebody hounding him on the subject. Heckling is a fine American tradition, too. My expectation is that Obama and his supporters will react poorly to such derision, providing more media opportunities to highlight administration thuggery. Leave the kiddies at home if you intend to heckle.


Anonymous said...

"Jobs Act" campaign?
Or re-election campaign?

Either one is a phony.

B Woodman

Mark Matis said...

I would like to thank Sheriff Babeu and the nine other Sheriffs with him for taking a stand against the treason committed by these people. I STILL am not fond of "Law Enforcement", thanks to their actions with Eric Scott, Jose Gurena, Kelly Thomas, and others. However, when they do something good it is appropriate to thank them for it.

I would just ask if there are not some state charges that would be appropriate to file against the perpetrators of Fast and Furious, as well as the OTHER similar operations carried out across this country?

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank Sheriff Babeu and the nine other Sheriffs with him for taking a stand against the treason committed by these people.--MM

Quelle suprise! Mark has made the discovery that there are at least ten honest and honorable men in the LE ranks. Can we hope he has an equally sudden realization that the Rule of Law is preferrable to anarchy? ;^)


Mark Matis said...

By the way, I have absolutely NO DOUBT that Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is among these brave men standing against the evil in the Federal Government. Don't you agree?

Anonymous said...

SCORN is the most effective weapon we have. Pour it on! Pound him with scorn and watch him retreat to the White House bunker.

I only wish he'd come within 1000 miles of me so I could do it myself. All you III'pers who live in those places he dares to go should mock him with signs and shouts at every opportunity.

Uncle Lar said...

About those Obama bus tours...
It's my understanding that the president flies to the city on tour, meets the bus just outside the town limits, then rides in for a photo op. So all the PR without the miles of riding. Or as the Texicans say, all hat no cattle.

Mark Matis said...

Ten men out of HOW MANY, Malthus?

I am glad to give credit where credit is due, but the stench is STILL overwhelming.

Mark Matis said...

Uncle Lar, I believe the more accurate saying is:

"All shit, no Shinola..."

Anonymous said...

I'll take these ten men over Sheriff Dupnik's death squad and a busload of ATF's any day.


AZVick said...


Just came home from Babeau's press conference, held in front of the Arizona Peace Officer Memorial, which holds, or soon will hold the engraved name of Brian Terry.

Babeau and his brother sheriffs stood in solidarity to call for the resignation or firing of Eric Holder. What really struck me and what Babeau repeatedly emphasized was the effect of Fast and Furious on the law enforcement community. Think about it. The United States government arms the Mexican drug cartels with weapons more powerful than the ones carried by our own officers. Taxpayer money has put guns in the hands of people who will use them on law enforcement and citizens here in Arizona, as well as other border states.

Say what you want about law enforcement, but one thing is certain. These men and women put their lives on the line for us every day and they've been given a great big a**fu**ing by ATF, DOJ and probably the rest of the executive alphabet soup. And the responsibility goes way, way up.

What kind of a chill do you think that puts on someone's work day?

millerized said...

All horn, no drive shaft. does one find out where this douchenozzle is coming to town? I've got a 4x8 sheet of ply I can put up along I-81 if he's comin' my way!

Travis McGee said...

The most effective signs for dogging Obama with F&F would be cardboard cutouts of AK-47s dripping with blood, marked with Fast and Furious on the stocks. Make sure they are properly "cartoonish" and not super realistic, to avoid the Secret Service going crazy. Attach them to long sticks so they can be hoisted up into view over crowds, fences or other obstacles. Get those cardboard AKs in the shot with POTUS, and he will go flipping insane in public.