Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ben Shapiro: Does Fast and Furious Put Impeachment on The Table?

The GOP tries to work up the enthusiasm for impeaching Barack Obama.

The "I" word.

The short answer is to be found on the GOP boneless chicken ranch. In another word, no.


Anonymous said...

Only an authentic, constitutionally eligible U.S. President can be impeached. A faux president, a usurper, a poseur, cannot be impeached.

For the explanation, read this by constitutional lawyer Edwin Vieira:


Toastrider said...

They're gun shy (pardon the unintentional pun). I suspect they don't want to move unless they have ironclad proof -- too afraid of the mess that was the Clinton impeachment hearings back in the 90's.

Aaron said...

Whether the current Prez is removed by uncovering ineligibility, or by scandal and impeachment, let's think about the endpoint: Joe Biden as President.
Jeez, do any of us want that to happen?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone out there for a moment think that the current House could prepare for and complete an impeachment between now and election day? And then what? Harry Reid is going to allow a Senate trial in response to a House bill of impeachment? Really?

David Codrea said...

"The attorney general of the state of Arizona, a Democrat operative, has already resigned in an attempt to avoid the consequences of participating in this fiasco."
I believe he should have said US Atty, District of AZ Dennis Burke.

TPaine said...

Forget the "iron-clad proof" crap! Go after Holder, and hang the bastard in the public square! Obama will certainly get the message, loud and clear. It's too late to impeach the faux prez, but if we make him look totally screwed right now, his chance of re-election will be nil.

As Mike would say, "torpedo los!"

Ashrak said...

Barry ain't slick willie.

This isn't the 1990s.

While BJ may have killed his own marriage, his hummer wasn't deadly to people he didn't even know.

Articles of Impeachment should have already been filed.

This idea that the Senate "won't convict" is ridiculous posed as a reason not to go forward with the accusations. There is PLENTY of evidence that we ALREADY know about to make the accusation.

If Democrats in the Senate want to ignore it, and what WILL come out as a result, then FINE!

Just as W proved to the world that forcing terrorists to actually DO what they threatened to do would turn the world against them, so too will forcing Democrats to actually ignore GunWalker while in the spotlight of impeachment will turn the people of this country away from them.

If the GOP refuses, it will turn people away from that party. I submit it is already doing so.

This cannot be about politics, This has to be about JUSTICE.

Voting out the Barry cabal is not justice. It is just allowing it to regroup and live to fight another day. That is a proven fool's errand in the so called war on terrorists and it is on this front too.

Anonymous said...

"If this scandal runs all the way up the chain of command -- and by all indicators, it could -- it is certainly an impeachable offense. This is a high crime, not a misdemeanor."

Wow, this sure looks bad for Da Won. To ensure his reelection, he needs to implement a defensive strategy immediately.

Taking a page from Dick Nixon's playbook, BHO should consider forming a Committe to RE-Elect the President, AKA, CREEP.

I submit that "Save OBama" has the requisite cachet. The SOB committe is now in session. ;^)

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 4:25 Yep! And we want his Marxist "presidency" made null and void along with everything he put his pen to.

Anonymous said...

When you add up all the crap, how can he NOT be impeached.

HIS banking crimes, HIS identity questions, HIS gunwalker crimes.

Manson didn't have as many killed.

Anonymous said...


Treason is not a "fiasco".

Treason is a deliberate act and so is conspiracy to commit.

The felony murder rule also applies in numerous instances.

So what will be the consequences for these crimes?

The republicans will be running to the store so they don't run out of diapers, since they will have to at some point say something that might get them in trouble with the Marxists and the Marxist media.

As for justice and the constitution, they might be able to react but they are to busy changing their diapers in the confining space under their desks.

I've known 6 year olds with more guts and honor.

Female III said...

Which "I" word? Invalid? Imposter? Infiltrator? Irreputable? Impious? Illegitimate? Ignoble? Idiot?

So many apply.

Anonymous said...

I would think this qualifies as an act of Treason against the United States. The punishment for that is death.

Obama is in on this. I have to wonder what else they orchestrated. Was the shooting of the Conservative judge in AZ and Gabrielle Gifford's orchestrated by them. This judge was going to rule against Obama that monday on an issue. They seemed very quick to blame Sarah Palin and the Tea Party.

Nothing can be ruled out. Barack Hussein Obama started his career in the living room of William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. This behavior is right up their alley.

Was BP really an accident?

Here is a video with a former FBI Agent who infiltrated the Weather Underground. He talks about their plans to destroy America from within. That included killing 25 million, yes, you read that right, 25 million people. I've believed for a long time, that this is who he is working for.


Toastrider said...

Just so we're all on the same page: Nothing would warm the cockles of my evil right wing conspirator heart more than to see various members of the administration (including the Magical Messiah himself) being perp walked.

That being said, the media managed to screw the Republicans but good during the Clinton years. They successfully painted it as an obsession with sex, when what it was, was an obsession with 'what the fuck are you hiding, you dolt?'.

Now the media is even further in the bag for the Democrats, and they WILL blow the 'racist' horn over and over if impeachment comes up. As I've said before: I don't think we can get El Presidente, but I'd settle for making him one and done and jailing his subordinates, particularly Holder and Napolitano. Sometimes, you have to take what victories you can.

Anonymous said...

"Nothing can be ruled out. Barack Hussein Obama started his career in the living room of William Ayers and Bernadine Dohrn. This behavior is right up their alley."

You may be on to something. It has the SDS/Weatherman feel to it. Dutchman6 can vouch for it. Ayres and Company's plans tended to be something like "We'll do this.... (and then a miracle will happen).... and then we will rule the world!" As in "We will let the bad guys buy guns in the border states then a miracle will happen and then (1) we will being down the Zetas and all those guys or (2) we will get the AWB reinstated.

The middle part was never clearly thought out. They made a lifestyle out of ad-libing all of the icky detail stuff.

Chase said...

The problem is that the institution of impeachment has been badly contaminated by Bill Clinton's impeachment on blowjob charges. Nobody wants to put the country through a circus like that again.

Bad Cyborg said...

Anon @ 0740 asked When you add up all the crap, how can he NOT be impeached.

Cause Boehner and the rest of the GOP leadership have the dread disease "Cotton Balls"???

Actually, as those of us who are old enough to remember Slick Willie are aware, just impeaching the barstid won't accomplish ANYTHING. He'd still have to be convicted by a 2/3rds majority in the Senate. And if you believe THAT trick is possible then I want the contact info of your DEALER! Whatever you're smoking is genuinely PRIMO SHIT!

I simply cannot conceive of a scenario wherein a Senate controlled by the president's party would ever vote to convict.

Bullets before burqhas
Pistols before prayer rugs
Shotguns before sharia
Rifles before Ramadan

Shy Wolf said...

Not to put a damper on the optimists who read here; and no slight to Mike and David for the wonderful work they've done illuminating GunWalker- they deserve far more than this country could ever reward them- but...
there is no way anyone in this current administration is going to suffer for wrongs committed against this country or its people.
Simply not in the cards: There isn't a GOP with cajones large enough to bring any kind of proceding against any commie lib dem in the bunch. And not one dimocrap will jeopardize their future with The Party to go so far against 'the Turd' or any of his czars.
These people are getting away with murder and will continue to do so until their last breath.
And Biden as a prez? OMG, please... eliminate him at the same time (though he's so da## stoopud he may actually be useful).