Friday, October 7, 2011

Anthony Martin gets it.

Here is his analysis of "In at the beginning, Part 1."

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Anonymous said...

trace the source of the weapons used by the Mexican drug cartels to the United States.”

That, to me, is a statement of intention.

All of the regimes efforts have been to achieve that end and are being used to justify greater restrictions on legal purchasers, increased bureaucratic reporting requirement on dealers --imposed by bureaucratic fiat without congressional approval or advice and in direct violation of congressional mandates-- and federal intimidation of gun owners.

The regime has committed TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS and devoted thousands of man hours to achieve that goal. All else beyond that has been window dressing, bureaucratic doublespeak & gobbledygook, justifications for agency funding increases & expansions and the obfuscation of the real White House agenda.

Witness the civil disruptions taking place today and the F&F/"Gunwalker"/Gunrunner operation. White House hand plays a major role in both.

One operation utilized the State and Justice Departments because of its international elements and for federal LE agencies that would be tasked with implementing parts of the plan; coercing dealers into cooperation and capitalizing on an extensive network of criminal operatives under federal control to get the guns to the right elements-- violent felons chosen explicitly for their involvment in murder & mayhem along the border.

The regimes support and endorsement of and for the ongoing civil disruption and attacks on industry are being carried out through their 'community organizing' arm... ACORN, SEIU and other indebted unions and disruptive 'social justice' type organizations. Another explicit endorsement and choice.

What's the connection between greater restrictions on our Constitutionally guaranteed right to self defense and personal protection and the regulation and taxation of business?

Tyrants need both in their quest to destroy personal autonomy & freedom and to control the means of production that leads to controlling the distribution of goods and services... that all men should depend on the tyrant for their freedoms, restitution, protection and welfare.

Without the right to self defense and personal protection, without the right to self-determination we lose freedom & autonomy. We become subject to the tyrants will and without the means to protest or defend ourselves from the tyrants overbearing hand.

The regime is creating statistics designed to achieve restrictions on personal freedoms & self autonomy through directed policy actions.

Propagating violence and murder through policy runs hand in hand with instigating and supporting violent confrontations; a policy intentionally designed to segment opposition and unify political support for increased federal oversight & regulatory control of our nations privately owned and operated businesses.