Saturday, August 13, 2011

Praxis: DIY Bedazzler.

From Global Guerrillas comes this link "Bedazzler is an open source non-lethal weapon that induces nausea with light." With additional links to Bedazzler homepage and an illustrated guide to making one.


Erkl Holder said...

Awesome - and how about a flashlight that can not only blind but start fires?

And lasers, hand held that will destroy... well, just check out the site. Fun stuff.

Toastrider said...

Interesting. Wonder how well it works. I'd prefer the tried-and-true, myself, but I'm always curious about what gets churned out of some garage engineer's workshop.

Anonymous said...

A monumental waste of time that serves only as a target for a shotgun.

fgd-anchorage said...


Ada Byron, Lady Lovelace

gives a little background regarding the website:

This is an illustration of the GNU/Linux operating system (o/s) running on an embedded device to control the hardware, which I note is also "open source' typically licensed under the Creative Commons license.

Then there is Limor Fried's commercial site Adafruit Industries, a really geeky place. Enjoy

The Old Coach said...

An similar and known effective device is a strobe flashing at the alpha-wave frequency of the brain. We found this out in the pshychodelicate sixties. 13 Hertz, as I recall, induced disorientation, and in some people it actually induced something like epileptic seizures.