Monday, August 15, 2011

FBI venality and stupidity does not stop at the Colorado state line. (Well actually we KNEW that up front.)

FBI Director Robert "Gestapo" Mueller demonstrates the extent of his concern for the Constitution.

Remember this post from last Friday? And my open letter to the Feds and their local lickspittles regarding the targeting of surplus stores for extra-legal intimidation to turn them into snitches on the liberty movement?

Well, now we know that FBI venality and stupidity does not stop at the Colorado state line. FBI ‘survivalist’ profiling memo surfaces at Puyallup gun show

A controversial FBI memo that appears to profile potential terrorists as people purchasing survivalist-type products, plus high-capacity magazines and bipods for rifles surfaced Saturday at the Washington Arms Collectors’ monthly gun show at the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

The memo is now being discussed on numerous gun rights blogs and forums, and was apparently revealed just days ago by a group called the Oath Keepers. The fellow handing it out at Puyallup was a stranger to this column. This column discovered that the memo apparently has been circulated also by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Of course, I guess we knew that all along. That FBI stupidity and venality has no bounds, I mean. That also extends to their state and local lickspittles as well.

Emulating its masters, an unidentified state "fusion center" mascot demonstrates sincere lickspittling on a FBI bomb-sniffing dog.


Anonymous said...

A local milsurp store is having a sale.
I think I'll go on down today & spread just a little cash (not checks, debit or credit) & see what happens. . . . Maybe ask a few question on their opinion on these NSA & DHS goings-on.

B Woodman

Anonymous said...

That last picture right there is the perfect visual metaphor for the relationship between the American mainstream press and the current White House.

Every time Obama sits on his ass, he's careful not to squish the "journalist" taking up residence therein.

Mt Top Patriot said...

The wonders of Tyranny.
The glory of the police state.
Lookin' like we are in for it. call me ignorant or provincial, but in my wildest dreams over most of my life did I think there would be so many treasonous turncoat quisling Benedict Arnold's populating the ranks of law enforcement. I mean it has to have been a gargantuan effort to recruit, indoctrinate, brainwash and install so many traitors in the ranks.
I guess it speaks volumes of how gone down the road of perdition the greater part of America truly is. These are Americans who have sold their souls, their Liberty, and if things go as far as full blown tyrannical rule, ultimately their lives. Is there anything in their cheesy cheating hearts that tells them that if they carry out the plans for this tyranny breathing down our throats, no one is safe except the few that hold all the power?
What are these men and woman in the rank and file of the law enforcement thinking?
Or are they, just like the millions of fools and suckers who voted for The Won in 2008?
If so, man are we in for it.
Because if the honor and integrity, never mind the patriotism of such an organization as the FBI is so corrupted in such a way, there is no turning back.
I hear not a voice of virtue and Liberty from the ranks of the police in any form.
It is all a cascading demise into the pits of hell. These folks sold their souls to the Devil.

Mt Top Patriot said...

Its the Waco Rules legacy of the Clintonista's come home to roost in a myriad of ways.

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

Yes, we are generous folk here in Colorado, and are accordingly always willing to share our moronity with folks in other states.

Speaking of morons, someone is apparently data mining my blog site with a tool (possibly AlchemyAPI) developed by Orchestr8 LLC, and there's been some other fishy activity from local sources:

I intend to have some fun with this.

In his book Brave New War, John Robb documents how the United States relies on technologies that can be easily defeated. Our Untrepid Federals spend mountains of money on, more often than not, wrong, moving, or worse, imaginary targets. Of course, in doing this, they simply are engaged in long-standing stupid and wasteful behavior. Doesn't matter whether the focus of their attention is poverty, drugs, or us patriots.