Thursday, August 11, 2011

Anecdotes of a collapsing civilization. Visit to another planet: Deconstructing Slutwalk.

WARNING: Don't click on this link if you are offended by a combination of obscenity and ugly. It also helps if you haven't eaten in a while and are not drinking anything when you click on this link to another planet.

All these folks will be eaten by cannibal zombies, who will, without doubt, get indigestion as a result.


Brock Townsend said...

The obscenity wasn't bad, but the ugly takes the cake.

Bad Cyborg said...

I agree with the stated message of the protests - i.e. rape is not about how a woman dresses. What a woman wears or how much she bares gives no man the right to assault her.


Someone who goes to a sadists convention wearing a t-shirt with "Kick Me" printed on the back should not be surprised if they come home with a sore butt. Having the right to do something does not make it the right or the smart thing to do. If a person does not exercise prudence, they may not have CAUSED whatever bad thing happened, but they sure enough didn't do anything to prevent it, either.

A woman who dresses like a hooker should not be assaulted and any assault would NOT be their fault. But they certainly contributed to the likelihood by dressing provocatively. If they are assaulted the assailant is still guilty but they certainly contributed.

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't touch any of that with a 10 foot cattle prod!!

Anonymous said...

"The cause of all earthly misunderstanding need only be sought in the wiseacreing of Women"

Armenian Proverb, circa 19th Century


Graves said...

Scarred for life. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bizarre beyond words. Is San Fran even a part of the U.S., or even this world?

Anonymous said...

I can't help but laugh at these signs knowing full well that these are the same sorts of idiots who fully embrace islam, which not only considers rape a property crime, but that it is both legally and religiously a woman's fault if she is raped.

The lack of cognitive dissonance would be hilarious if it wasn't so disturbing.

Jay Stang said...

Cannibal Zombies?

Is there any other kind?

Dr.D said...

Bad Cyborg has it right. As to the "uglys" in the group they would be less than optimal even if completely covered, as with most such things beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Quite frankly I eat weirder shit for breakfast. Morally I have support "slut walks". But I don't have to date or marry any one i don't want to.


Sean said...

SF exists as it does, because we are at peace, here, and the force of law protects both the idiots and the cerebral. However, one day, reality will intrude on this collosal failure of morality, with a vengence. Since the denziens thereby reject what is good, what is honest, what is right, commuppance is going to be a bitch.

Holden McGroin said...

Who do I sue for causing impotence as a direct result of seeing that collection of stuff?

Anonymous said...

How can I start this? Ideally, this should be a self-correcting problem. None of these women would ever have sex, therefore never have children, therefore these "sluts" would die out in a generation. Unfortunately, they would live long enough to indoctrinate other weak-minded leftist sheeple with their propaganda.

B Woodman