Friday, February 4, 2011

A word about our Project Gunwalker scandal icon.

Meet Kreigsmarine Kapitan Kurt von der Pup, bane of the existence of the cockroach sailors of the Federal Bureaucracy Navy. His written torpedoes try to bring a little light into the hulls of the various federal agencies, especially, at the moment, the ATF. His goal is to put so many torpedoes in the water from so many different angles that the corrupt Senior Executive Service types will take to the lifeboats.

Federal Bureaucracy Navy vessel FBN13, The New York Avenue, after a torpedo attack by Kapitan Kurt von der Pup's U-4473.


rexxhead said...

I'll hold my breath until word officially goes out:

"We are on fire and taking water hard by the stern. All hands, abandon ship. This is not a drill."

Gaviota said...

Actually, it goes like this:

General Quarters, General Quarters,
All hands man your battle stations.
Traffic pattern up and forward to starboard, down and aft to port.
Set Material Condition Zebra throughout the ship.
Weapons tight.
Now General Quarters. This is not a drill.

"Weapons tight" means permission to fire only on confirmed hostile targets.

Hope it doesn't help the Concrete Asshole of the Universe.

Mark Matis said...

For Gaviota:
For BATFE and the REST of this country's "Law Enforcement", ALL targets are "confirmed" hostile targets if THEY say they are. Just like poor dead Eric Scott in Las Vegas, and many others before him.

overflow said...