Thursday, February 3, 2011

Irrational exuberance

Will the ATF Gunwalker Scandal Take Down President Obama?

This is the question asked by Brad Kozak over at The Truth About Guns. I left this comment, which at the moment is awaiting moderation:

In two words, probably not. I know a bit about this because I'm the guy (along with David Codrea at War on Guns) who broke this story on 28 December, worked behind the scenes to get the Senators to contact the ATF agents (not the other way around as is being reported, and if you have any knowledge of the way the federal system treats whistleblowers you'll understand why), and first published the Grassley letters (scooping the Associated Press who had been sitting on the first one for days). David and I continue to work this story, using all the sources within and without the agency that we've developed over the past couple of years. For a summary and timeline of the how this scandal broke, go here:

For David's latest compilation of posts and timeline, go here:

We have both hectored and vectored "authorized journalists" onto this story, gradually convincing them of the story's credibility. You will see much more of this story in the coming year, but it started, following a single rumor posted by an ATF agent on, with our two little blogs.

Knowing what I know from our sources about this scandal, where it came from and who it leads to, I can say that the author is engaging in irrational exuberance. There are employees of ATF and Main Justice who will certainly be risking federal prison in the coming months, including the top tier of Main Justice. I predict flatly that Holder will not survive this scandal. But Obama?

At this point, very unlikely.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters


Defender said...

Between Gunwalker and the invitation to the Muslim Brotherhood to get froggy throughout the West, only a true mindless statist could continue to support Obama.
Unfortunately, there's no shortage.
I wonder whether my sister and her husband, both Obama voters "for change" and both compassionate members of the medical profession, realize that they may be pushing ME and millions of others down that cattle chute to our untimely demise. Certainly THEY don't MEAN to, but I think millions of other Americans would be "good Germans" about it. They have said so.

Anonymous said...

You're right Mike. Holder or perhaps others, (he is a valued asset and operative) who's entire end function would be as a scalp, to be offered up to protect the truly SHIT*Y and more valuable. Senior levels always seem to be able to produce the "somebody lied to me and I acted in good faith" card.

If you ever ask, as I have, the question; "How did my beautiful country, ever end up in the hands of these shithe*ds?" The answer is, not by accident and yes Virginia, that does mean conspiracy and treason.

There be Marxists HEER!

Anonymous said...

Never mind Holder, it's about time for Hillary to be held accountable for some of the crime in her wake.
Oh, please, please, please,....