Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can even the GOP be waking up on the threat to liberty posed by the woefully misnamed PATRIOT Act?

Maybe they can. Although maybe they can't.


Dave said...

One thing I'm still wondering about is how every government agency seems to have access to individual's internet usage records. One side-issue that wasn't discussed much regarding the case of John Irish (whose child was taken by New Hampshire Child Protective Services, partly because he had visited the Oathkeepers' website) was how Irish's internet usage was known to CPS. I doubt New Hampshire CPS has the resources to track its citizen's internet usage. That sounds like something DHS would do. So how did NH CPS become aware of Irish's internet history? Is this what the Patriot Act is doing for America?

Son of Sam Adams said...

The GOP isn't...they are still nominating and electing liberty hogs like Senselessbrenner. The TEA Party, on the other hand, did a nice job of withholding their yea on this monstrostity. And are the Cocktail party Republicans ever mad!

Anonymous said...

GOP in the main supports PatAct and will pass it when it returns as regular business needing a simple majority to pass.

Anonymous said...

The most potent tool they have is fear. They want you afraid to talk to your neighbors and friends. They want you afraid to discuss and vent openly. They want you to know that they are watching and if you go to far with your liberty or free speech, that there will be consequences. They do not want you organized and if you do they want penetration of your organization, so that they will always know what you are up to. You represent a threat to them and their power because if they don't succeed they will loose that power and perhaps more.

They are interested only in what they want to do. They ignore, legislate against, have their courts rule against the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Their media, supports any effort they make to these ends with propaganda and indoctrination of the people with false information and stories Tailored to produce a desired outcome in thought and action, especially concerning principles, tradition, history and elections. Their schools do the same to your children.

Their use for you is as a tool to achieve their goals and aspirations, At the core they are Marxists and Marxists will do anything they must to gain and maintain power. They lie, cheat, steal, intimidate, kidnap, assault, torture, rape and kill to get their way and keep it that way. Unless they control you, your information and your mind they cannot rule. Unless they control personnel willing to do the above described things, they cannot rule.

If ever once you have not expressed a political opinion for fear of consequences, you are no longer free. How much less freedom, will your children have? If needed, would you die for them? If so, all your decisions are already made.

Dennis308 said...

I made this comment yesterday,

I have also been in communication via telephone,with my NEW Congresscritter, a Mr. Blake Farenthold 27Th. Dist. Texas, he is aware of who is supporting him, so far.

Today I take it seems as though Mr.Farentholt voted for renewing the Patriot Act, Of course he has received another phone call reprimanding for his error. Just goes to show ya the moment ya Think ya finally got a good one ya got to chew'em out and remind them of what we want from them.


CowboyDan said...

Dennis308, I believe ol Blakey did.

ON a personal note, did you go to Carroll high school? Hopefully, if you answer yes, Mike will put us in touch. Stay safe.