Friday, February 4, 2011

ATF Deputy Director Melson doing the French Mistake in Lyon.

Why don't you bring us back some fromage, hey Ken?

"With our current dismal financial situation, we have a bunch of execs in Lyon France. Perfect. Since we all know the French are flooding America with guns." -- Experienced ATF street agent.

With his agency burning down around his head in the Project Gunwalker scandal, Deputy Director Kenneth Melson, along with W. Larry Ford and an entourage of taxpayer-supported headquarters sycophants, toadies and lickspittles is taking the opportunity afforded by this crisis to escape to Lyon, France. Of course, since Lanny Breuer and Main Justice are now running his agency and the cover-up, I suppose he is superfluous to the ATF's needs at the moment. Have a good time, Ken, doin' the French Mistake. Exclusive video of Melson's visit:


George in AZ said...

"Sounds like steam escaping..."

wv: prothet - hold your tongue by your thumb and forfinger and say protest.

Defender said...

Lyon was a centre for the occupying German forces and also a stronghold of resistance during World War II, and the city is now home to a resistance museum. (See also Klaus Barbie.) The traboules, or secret passages, through the houses enabled the local people to escape Gestapo raids.

-- Wikipedia

Probably just coincidence.

Anonymous said...

Curious....why Lyon? I had a look at Le Progres and Lyon Capitale (Lyon newsrags) online and there's no mention of any kind of international LE conference, or any other kind for that matter. The French press is pretty good at informing what the ville or canton/department/regional/national governments are up to. The only LE-type thing that I can find is that Lyon managed to convince the State to keep a CRS (riot police) company there.

Keep them out of DC now that questions are beginning to be asked?


Defender said...

Barack "Republicans to the back of the bus" Obama went to India and Indonesia to escape his "shellacking" in November.
Still going forward with enviro-regulating business to death even as they fold, and Obamacare regardless of a ruling of unconstitutionality.
Ever get the feeling we're not being listened to?
Davy Crockett said "Be sure you're right, then go ahead." It implies research and facts rather than agenda and manipulation.

W W Woodward said...

If they went to Lyons on a gun buying trip they can get some really good army surplus arms. Never fired and only dropped once.