Thursday, February 3, 2011

Alex Jones' "DisInfo Wars" finally finds the "Gunwalker" scandal, but of course they can't mention Sipsey Street.

Groping around in the dark for a clue. Disinfo Wars strikes again.

"U.S. Senator to ATF: Are You Negligent in the Death of a US Border Patrol Agent?"

Remember when Kurt Nimmo & Alex Jones accused me of being a government stooge?

No wonder they can't do a link to a guy that Jones said on his radio show in March after the window war call that if I wasn't arrested soon, that was "proof" I was "a government agent."


Dr.D said...

It's sad but Alex has become a media whore like so many others, just a smaller, more irritating media whore.


Anonymous said...

Alex Jones is a moron.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, don't expect anyone at so-called gun and freedom websites such as "The Gun Counter" to pay attention or mention the "Gunwalker" scandal (at least without their posts being deleted).

With a small number of exceptions, they all kowtow to their puffy-chested leader who very recently wrote, " ..Mikey V[anderboegh] is nuts, and an asshole to boot," and who furthermore characterized Mike as a "paranoid madman."

Anonymous said...

Two guns!,0,6169639.story

W W Woodward said...

Some shithead "authorized journalist" will no doubt win a Pulitzer prize for investigative reporting as a result of your and David's hard work and persistence.

And the arsehat will accept full credit for his theft.

We'll know the difference.


Mike in KY said...

Saw a great caption a long time ago concerning him. It said something like, "The fact that this guy is still alive is proof that he's full of shit".

Anonymous said...

I sent Jones a link to your timeline when it first came out. Leave it to an opportunist like Jones to wait on a scope he'd normally pounce on, because an actual journalist broke the story first.

Spirit of 1776 said...

Remember this well,

"You can accomplish anything if you don't care who get the credit for doing it."

You sir, are expendable. Your cause is not. Let us all be glad truth is still in the fight!