Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Plumbing the considerable depths of ATF spokesman "Baghdad Tom" Mangan's 'unawareness.'

"I am 'unaware' of everything you are talking about!" -- ATF spokesman "Baghdad Tom" Mangan.

There is no credit to us, but Mr. Wagner, the author of the story below, is on both David's and my email list, and has been for some time. Plus, "Unaware" Mangan's "non-denial denial."

“There is no limit to what can be accomplished if it doesn't matter who gets the credit.” -- Attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Mr. Emerson was no doubt correct, but I wouldn't be human if I did not admit that the studious and seemingly complete avoidance by the press and other bloggers -- most spectacularly and without excuse by Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit -- as if we were Orwellian unpersons, chaps my considerable ass.

Phoenix-area gun store, ATF sting may be linked to border shootout.

Tom Mangan, an ATF spokesman in Phoenix, said he was "unaware of any guns allowed to go south of the border," either intentionally or inadvertently. "I am not aware of any internal investigation that's going on regarding Project Gunrunner."

Mangan is doubly "unaware"?!?

Well, of course. As a professional flack, Mangan is nothing if not skilled in the art of the non-denial denial.

Non-denial denial is a phrase that became popular in the wake of the Watergate scandal, referring to an equivocal denial, particularly one made by an official to the press. London's The Sunday Times has defined it as "an on-the-record statement, usually made by a politician, repudiating a journalist's story, but in such a way as to leave open the possibility that it is actually true."

A "non-denial denial" is a statement that seems direct, clearcut and unambiguous at first hearing, but when carefully parsed is revealed not to be a denial at all, and is thus not untruthful. It is a case in which words that are literally true are used to convey a false impression; analysis of whether or when such behavior constitutes lying is a long-standing issue in ethics. -- Wikipedia.

I rather suspect that before this is over that we will be plumbing the considerable depths of "Baghdad Tom's" unawareness.


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Don said...

Just saw the story on NewsMax, Free Republic and a couple other sites, so its definitely gaining traction...

Here's the letter I just received from one of my Reps, Sen Saxby Chambliss...

Thank you for contacting me regarding allegations of misconduct by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (BATFE) in the transportation of weapons across the border, and the death of Border Patrol Agent (BPA) Brian Perry.

Recently, I was contacted with information regarding this situation. I directed the individuals who had this information to the Senate committee that provides oversight for BATFE, the Senate Committee on the Judiciary.

I anticipate the committee will move forward in a constructive way, ensuring justice and ensuring operations on the borders are concluded in a satisfactory manner. I will continue to monitor this situation, and keep your thoughts in mind as we move forward.

I appreciate hearing from you.

Anonymous said...

The scandal has made Instapundit

Erkl Holder said...

"I know NUSSINK!" =
Sgt. Schultz of Hogan's Heroes.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Chambliss couldn't even bother to get Agent Terry's name right?


Anonymous said...

Still more balm for your chapped butt: a discussion is underway at ARFCOM.


Critical mass cannot be far off. :^)


Anonymous said...

This isn't about what is "right" or "good" it is about what "they" want. The dead agent matters only as an affectation and ornament which they can use, so that they can..... Get what they want.

I've watched them lie before and nothing happened to the liars but promotions and career enhancements.

I think that they now believe whole heartedly that they can do anything they want and if that continues, it can only be answered with force because all other means have been cut off. You may be certain that they will do so and will use the "law" as their justification.

There will be no formal declaration of war. We are long past that. They have simply chosen to engage, hoping that we respond so that they can "protect" us further.

Anonymous said...

And we all know what eventually happened to Baghdad Bob.

CowboyDan said...

"And we all know what eventually happened to Baghdad Bob."

I didn't, so I looked him up on Wiki. He's living in the UAE with his wife & children.

U.S. troops captured him at a roadblock; he was questioned and released. That's what Wikipedia says, but that article may need to be updated.