Sunday, March 7, 2010

Letter to the Editor: Is 'Health Care' worth civil war?

Salvador Dali's "Premonition of Civil War."

Just blasted this LTE out to a hundred papers or so:

Item: In a recent CNN poll, 56 percent of the American people agreed that the federal government represented a clear and present danger to their liberties.

Item: When asked if the House "Health Care Reform" bill was constitutional, Nancy Pelosi, exclaimed, "Are you serious?"

I can answer that. Yes, Nancy, we are serious.

Distilled to its essence, this is the message of the proposed law that the Democrats are about to ram down our throats:

We, the Imperial Federal Government, have determined what is best for you and you will get it regardless of whether you want it or not. You will be FORCED to play or pay in our wonderful new system of good intentions.

If you refuse, you will be fined.

If you refuse to pay the fine, you will be jailed.

If you refuse to be arrested, you will be killed.

The Founders would have called this "The Intolerable Act."

What Pelosi and these other tyrannical weasels are saying is that we will do what they say or they will kill us -- all in our best interests, of course.

The eternal question is, which is to be the servant and who the master? The federal government, or the people?

What must be said now to such would-be despots is this: "Is your alleged concern for our 'health care' worth YOUR death?" For after they delegate federal police to kill the first few of us who resist -- and we WILL resist -- the rest of the citizenry who wish to remain free and retain control over their bodies will be absolved of any responsibility to obey such a regime. We will then be released to wage a defensive civil war upon what has become an obviously tyrannical system.

It won't be a revolution. It will be a war of restoration against collectivist revolutionaries who have been chipping away at the Constitution of the Founders' Republic for the past century. They are the usurpers, not us.

The Founders would have done so. Indeed, the Founders did so for considerably less provocation. Why should the Democrats expect any different response from us than the Founders gave King George III?

Mike Vanderboegh
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126

PS: "If this be treason, then make the most of it."


Justin said...

I would LOVE the opportunity to post something as this in our local paper. Too bad you already said it all here!

Ahab said...

Hear, hear!

That's putting it right in their faces. The majority of Americans reject this healthcare bill outright. We will not pursue it, we will not abet it, we will not permit it. You can not force us. We will resist if you try, and this will lead to bloodshed of significant proportions on yes, your side and ours; but, we will prevail, and you will not. Hear it again, we will not be forced.

Glen said...

You nailed how I feel, again. I am proud to link to your blog from mine. Looks like we will be fighting side by side...

Anonymous said...

And away we go...... Well said and all too predictive I think. We will have to resist this in the most active ways window wars, burning insurance cards in the federal Bldg lobby etc.I think the resistance should be loud and belligerant. God help us all

Anonymous said...

Lots of Obamabots seems to answer yes to that question.

They say those who disagree are shills for the insurance industry and/or need to leave america.

Socialists need to leave america. If you want socialism, there's already a hundred country with it, move there, don't turn America socialist.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Big news today, Iceland says to the bankers : FUCK OFF BITCHES.

Icelanders are about to meet the reality of what happens when you go against the scummy bankers.

Good luck to them.

Icelanders are the true ``people of liberty`` today, not americans. 93% of icelanders are voting against the bankers, when americans ELECTED THE SCUMBAG WHO HELPED BUSH FINANCE THE BANK BAILOUT.

chinasyndrome said...

Skeletor may find out how serious we are.


Taylor H said...

These are the times that try men's souls...but it's all common sense!

Anonymous said...

This is all about increasing government power and one way or another that's where it leads.

If the bill passes, then they get to grow the leviathan. Riotous opposition to the bill will allow them to activate and implement all these cute little emergency powers that we've heard of (and several that I'm sure we haven't heard of). These aren't people interested in a level playing field, they want to CLEAR the playing field. Which means that this emergency power will be used to kill and crush opposition. War on Drugs, War on Terror, whatever they call it, that's what the result will be. Oh, and with their emergency power on, they'll probably want to suspend elections too. You know, we can't try to hold elections when it's "unsafe" out there.

If the bill doesn't pass, then it's entirely possible that the ACORN-SEIU gang will come out and likewise go into full-tilt riot mode thus providing the perfect excuse (think Reichstag fire) to allow the left to activate all those the emergency powers. With one hand, they'll calm the ACORNS, but still come after us with the other. You know, department of Pre-Crime like Minority Report. They'll persecute us for what we WOULD have done.


johnnyreb said...

Excellent as usual Mike. It will be interesting to see how many publish it.

As Mark Stein so accurately described in the previous blog entry, this is the icing on the cake of the Progressive effort to control every aspect of the economy, and every American's life from cradle to grave.

If this passes, there will be nothing that the resultant beaurocracies can't relate to healthcare concerns. And it will grow exponentially over the years to consume every penny of our labor.

This is a liberal/socialist/marxist/communist/progressive wet dream, and yes they are willing to do anything, suffer any temporary setback to achieve.

We must resist this at all costs if we wish our descendants to inherit a free America.

As Patriots, we have already expressed our willingness to die for what we believe. The remaining question is, Mr/Ms congresscritter, are you?

The fiddler is tuning up for the dance. Time to pick a partner. Choose carefully.


atexan said...

So be it. Behind you 100%!

Anonymous said...

Fellow that goes by the moniker of Exordium posted this over on Daily Pundit:

"I’d rather it not come to this, (civil war) but if the right is going to arm themselves to the teeth and dig in, I’d like to see the left do the same and finally eliminate all of you wanna-be monkeywrenchers. Cleanse this nation of all of the right-wing, corporate-hugging glibertarian pieces of shit."

Needless to say, he was the recipient of full broadsides from numerous posters.

This one said it all from Bill Quick:

"Basically, it boils down to: We have guns. You don’t. You’re a’skeert of them.

But hey, bring it. Might be good for a few laughs."

Point being......we're ALREADY armed and know how to use them. Most lefties will be caught in a learning curve they will never catch up with.


Anonymous said...

I have a thought,(rare for me).
If you refuse to go along with h/c,
and you are required to fill out the 1040 stating your h/c coverage etc.
Then, could you have a 5th amend. claim of self incrimination, if you refuse to fill it out?
Looks logical to me.

Anonymous said...

I think that they might be surprised at how many otherwise law abiding folks are drawing the line at this. Even some of my wifes liberal friends are saying that this will cause a civil war and they are distancing themselves from Maobama.

Northwoods said...

If this bullshit passes they have to know it will result in a bullseye on their forehead's(politicaly if not virtually)!
I've suggested many times before, as they vote against our wish's "They know damned well they will not be re-elected."
The only explanation is their knowing "There will not be a next election"!
We have lost our rebublican form of government as Ben Franklin warned.." A rebublic Mam..if you can keep it"!
Lock and load my friends cuz it's gonna get ugly...

Anonymous said...

I was recently speaking with a physician who was incredulous when I informed him that I do not fear death, my Savior overcame it for me. The progressives are agnostic or athiestic with a few who claim Christianity but worship government as an idol. They do not understand how we can not fear death or how we decide death is preferable to statist slavery. It is time to speak up and strongly resist; "A time comes when silence is betrayal" - Martin Luther King

Snaggle-Tooth Jones said...

"It won't be a revolution. It will be a war of restoration against collectivist revolutionaries who have been chipping away at the Constitution of the Founders' Republic for the past century."

Century and a half.

Anonymous said...

From London Daily Telegraph.

Govt. healthcare kills young man with thirst.

Not kidding.

straightarrow said...

"We will then be released to wage a defensive civil war upon what has become an obviously tyrannical system."

NO! Not only NO, but HELL NO! Once we are released from the covenants of civilized society where the consent of the governed is no longer tolerated when that consent is not given, we do not wage defensive war.

At least, we damn sure shouldn't. If we are forced to fight, we should as soon as practible go on offense and keep on offense until all our enemies and the enemies of liberty are eradicated or rendered impotent.

Only a damn fool fights "not to lose". If you must fight, fight to win. Defense doesn't win, it just sometimes doesn't lose. No Goddamned near good enough.

Anonymous said...


There's an even better explanation for their apparent lack of fear of losing in the November:

They're not afraid of losing in November.

Stacy McCain nailed it in a post copied at WRS yesterday, IMHO.

Remember: These people take the LOOoooong view.

So they jam their agenda down our throats, and we show them our extreme displeasure through some strongly-worded letters and the ballot-box come November - what's the downside for them?

The Retardlicans get to share the blame for what promises to be a very rough couple of years, and the Demmunists return full-speed-ahead in 2012. If not 2012 then 2016 or 2020 or... or... or... -- it's just a matter of time.

The Retardlicans can't vote to repeal this - even if they do then Dear Reader won't sign it, and they don't have the votes to override a veto.

When they finally return to power, this bit will already be done so they can move on to the "good stuff.

This is why they don't seem to care about 2010 - and why we who still have the will to resist must be willing to do so...

God help us...

Jimmy the Saint said...

To quote Marcus Lucanus quoting Caesar:

"The man who makes me your enemy -- it is he who be the guilty one."

"Here I abandon peace and desecrated law.
Fortune, it is you I follow.
Farewell to treaties.
From now on war is our judge."

Not there yet, but sadly, sooner is more likely than later

Anonymous said...

Here, Here! The best defense is an aggressive offense. The fact is that if each of us only kills one of them, we will win easily as we seriously outnumber them.

There is, however, a better way than spewing bullets all around our neighborhoods. There is a way to accomplish the restoration of the Republic without endangering innocent lives.

Target specifically those who are responsible for the tyranny being exerted upon us and their supporters such as SEIU, ACORN, The TIDES Foundation, et. al. (Any Progressive organization).

Read John Ross' book, "Unintended Consequences".

It would only take a few key "disappearances" to get the attention of the rest.

I would submit that no one need even die -- at least initially -- if they "see the light" and reverse their policies, resign their power and go away from the public trough.

Andy Wickersham said...

Just through this up on twitter. I recommend others do the same with this and similar pieces.

Tom said...

Not only so my brother but my rifles are ready to fire on ANY domestic enemy of our Constitution.It would be a priviledge (though a sad one) to offer my service as a participant in armed combat against faciast forces within our own borders.I remain loyal only to God Almighty and to the Constitution.