Sunday, January 18, 2015

Liars and lawyers (disbarred) and looters, oh my! "The Myth of WA Gun Rights Groups: Adina Hicks and Alan Gottlieb." The threatened attack of Gottlieb's "Mini-Me."

"Liars! And Lawyers! And looters! Oh, my!"
In the ongoing fight for gun rights here in WA, many pro-gun folks have decided to throw their support behind a coalition called WAFLAG. The Washington Firearms Leadership Advocacy Group is an organization made up of many of the groups who claim to fight for gun rights, including the Second Amendment Foundation (run by Alan Gottlieb), and Protect Our Gun Rights WA (run by Adina Hicks). These people campaign and fundraise like mad; Gottlieb, in fact, is known as one of the most effective fundraisers in the nation outside the DC beltway. But are these groups actually working FOR gun rights? And are people aware of who Hicks and Gottlieb really are? We do, and we are bringing readers that data so that they can make informed decisions about who they support and what they’re really about.
Until December 18, 2014, Adina Hicks was legally Adina Atwood (although she did use both names for a short period last year before her name change was finalized). She graduated from law school and was a licensed attorney until September of 2004, when she was disbarred for a host of offenses, including defrauding her clients and worse (The IRS listed her on “indefinite suspension” as of February 2005) . . .
Atwood/Hicks later went on to host a radio show, work for the NRA-ILA as a field rep, and become politically involved in the 2A fight. When I-594 was revealed, Atwood/Hicks jumped on the bandwagon. Interestingly enough, the announcement of her promotion to Executive Director of POGR listed her law degree from Seattle University School of Law…but forgot to mention that she was disbarred. They did, however, remember to include a plea for donations. . .
This is significant because it also happens to be the address of Second Amendment Foundation, owned and operated by Alan Gottlieb. In fact, research showed that several of the gun rights groups in WA are also in that same building. Interestingly enough, POGR is NOT listed as being there…and neither is WAFLAG—even though all donations for both go to the Bellevue address. In several locations on Facebook, commenters claiming to be close to Atwood/Hicks told people that they should contact her directly by calling Second Amendment Foundation and asking for her. Are POGR and WAFLAG even real groups? Or are they simply fronts for SAF? WAFLAG is not listed as registered with the State of Washington, according to the Secretary of State’s website. Granted, it’s a “coalition” of existing groups, but then where are its donations going? Are they split equally among the groups claiming to be part of WAFLAG? Or are they going to SAF? Well, according to the Secretary of State, POGR may be run by Adina Atwood Hicks. . . but its registered agent is Alan Gottlieb. Guess that answers that question.

The latest news, of course, is that Adina Hicks is now threatening to sue activists Anthony Bosworth, Kit Lange, et. al., for having the temerity to investigate and publicize her sordid past and questionable links to Gottlieb. I guess she'll have to hire a lawyer to do that, being disbarred and all. I hope she sues me, too. I guarantee that whoever she sues will have a whole lot more fun in the discovery process than either she or Alan Gottlieb will. It's under oath, you know. You might want to get a hold of your Mini-Me, Alan, before she goes and upsets all your apple carts.
Adina Hicks, Alan Gottlieb's "Mini-Me." Where's HER bow tie?


Anonymous said...

The structure is eerily reminicient of the Bloomie edifice?

... and similarly staffed by the rejects of society?


Anonymous said...

My $50 a year goes to Gun Owners of America, if it were to come out that Larry Pratt has a private jet or yacht then I would have to reconsider. So far, I trust the real work they do. The rest of these groups including the NRA seem to be fundraising experts for their paid staff.

Anonymous said...

california cop says selling ammunition is bizarre and illegal

Anonymous said...

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

Steady Steve said...

I regularly receive mailings from SAF. Never gave them a dime. They must have a lot of money to waste. At least the NRA got the message and stopped sending stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves"

When you have crooks and con people like Hicks & Gottlieb and their lackey dog Workman leading where do you think they are really leading us? Do we follow, do we listen to what they have to say and think there is any truth behind it?

They are the reason 594 passed in Washington State with their diversion called 591 destroying the no on 594 campaign. How are they trying to divert us now, we must ask!

Is it too far fetched to think that these crooked rats who do the bidding of Bloomberg aren't being paid off?

“Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, how can ye escape the damnation of hell?”

Anonymous said...

Banks Drop FFL Accts: Obama Task Force - CASH FOR GUNS 2015


Jan 18, 2015

prambo said...

I've stopped getting garbage, insulting junk mail from the NRA.

As far as SAF, I haven't received anything lately, but if they included a stamped self-addressed envelope, all their crap goes back in that, along with anything else that fits, and I pop it into USPS.

Also great for errant DNC, Humane Society and other "progressive" parasitic groups that you get junk mail from by accident.

Sort of a low level attack, but nevertheless fun.

CowboyDan said...

SASEs from groups I didn't like used to get a brick or a box of dirt shipped back to them. They got the message pretty quickly and stopped sending me stuff.

Jerry Lewis used to send me crap until I did that. We took the 0200-0600 shift on the phone bank and left a check for $100 before we split. Two days later, we had a "can you please make it $125?" letter in the box. Nope, no can do, Jerry.

Anonymous said...

Cowboy Dan has the right idea. Good friend of mine used to run a print shop. He printed up 10,000 of the Business Reply envelope brick wrappers and another print shop printed up another 10,000. Some Insurance company in Texas got sent 20,000 bricks that they had to pay the postage on each and every one of them. These work for politicians who are looking for campaign contributions too.

Anonymous said...

Gottlieb seems to have about 50 fraudulent fundraising front groups, raising money on conservative issues from stopping amnesty to limited government, and they even get cuts on commercial scams like perpetual energy devices. I know because they had my email address on their scam fundraising mailing lists until I called and complained several times and they finally took me off.

Far as I can tell, none of this money goes to work as promised. For example, Gottlieb not only does nothing to stop amnesty, he forbids GRPC discussion of invasion and excessive immigration as indirect gun rights and liberty determinants. Doesn't take much of a stretch to believe that someone who would blatantly defraud conservatives out of donations on such a systematic basis is doing it to stuff his pockets and those of his meat puppets and co-conspirators and corrupt "pro-gun" politician pals like Brian Blake.

It's worse than stealing. It's treason. Gottlieb are vacuuming up money from well-meaning conservatives, such that there is no money left for loyal groups and candidates that actually want to save the USA.

Gottlieb is not alone in this sort of thing. There are an increasingly large number of fraudulent Nigerian-style fundraising groups fleecing conservatives, such as "Patriots for Economic Freedom", "Tea Party Express", etc.

The NRA is, of course, doing the same thing, but on a much larger scale. Like $300 million a year. LaPierre's salary alone is on the order of $2 million a year - more than GOA's entire annual budget.

For some typical Workman-Gottlieb prevarication, check out the Jan 16 examiner article "As activists rallied on capitol steps, lawmakers went to work", by Dave Workman, Gottlieb's Number One meat puppet, a one-ounce brain in a 10-gallon hat.

Gottlieb himself did two posts. One Gottlieb post claims he has never supported universal registration -- as if universal government-conducted background checks are not de facto universal registration.

The other Gottlieb post tries to shift the blame for losing Washington from himself to GOA for being "AWOL" in Washington -- as if it would've been as simple as GOA coming into Washington and changing Gottlieb's diapers and sheets after he crapped his bed. Once Gottlieb ran his idiotic competing initiative, it was too late. There is no way GOA could've overcome the damage done by Gottlieb's genius "prag" strategy unless GOA had a time machine and Gottlieb agreed to go back in time to reverse his own preemptive surrenders. Those include calling for universal background checks after Sandy Hook, which is why Bloomberg launched his first state initiative Washington in the first place. Gottlieb broadcast his weakness and stupidity. Bloomberg got the message and went where resistance would be weakest and stupidest - Gottlieb's home state.