Sunday, April 6, 2014

Anecdote of a collapsing civilization on the eve of an anniversary.

Nyamata Genocide Memorial, Rwanda
Nolan Finley has a column today: "Still too much hate in Detroit."
Steven Utash wasn’t as lucky. The Clinton Township man was also driving a pickup on a dark Detroit street last week when he struck a kid who had stepped in front of him. Utash also stopped and got out to help.
What happened next is sickening. Utash, who is white, was seized by a mob of bystanders and beaten senseless in the street. As of this writing, he was still clinging to life. You want to see what a breakdown of society looks like? Watch the video of the attack.
This racial madness reminded me that we're in the twentieth anniversary year of the Rwandan genocide.
On April 6, 1994, an airplane carrying Habyarimana and Burundian president Cyprien Ntaryamira was shot down on its descent into Kigali, killing all on board. Genocidal killings began the following day: soldiers, police and militia quickly executed key Tutsi and moderate Hutu leaders, then erected checkpoints and barricades and used Rwandans' national identity cards to systematically verify their ethnicity and kill Tutsi. These forces recruited or pressured Hutu civilians to arm themselves with machetes, clubs, blunt objects and other weapons to rape, maim and kill their Tutsi neighbors and destroy or steal their property. The breach of the peace agreement led the RPF to restart their offensive and rapidly seize control of the northern part of the country before capturing Kigali in mid-July, bringing an end to the genocide. During these events and in their aftermath, the United Nations (UN) and countries including the United States, Great Britain and Belgium were criticized for their inaction, including failure to strengthen the force and mandate of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Rwanda (UNAMIR) peacekeepers, while observers criticized the government of France for actively supporting the genocidal regime.
Somewhere between a half million to a million people were slaughtered in this genocide, with the best guess being about 800,000. 7 out of every 10 Tutsis were murdered. Some points:
1. The government forces of Rwanda carried out many killings and stood by while others were perpetrated by the Hutu militias.
2. The minority Tutsis were demonized and dehumanized as "cockroaches" by the Rwandan mass media.
3. Government-issued ID cards were used to identify targets because they listed the ethnic background of the victims.
4. The subject population was unarmed and lacked the means of fighting back until the Tutsi rebels attacked and drove both the army and the militias away from the capitol and other cities.


Anonymous said...

"4. The subject population was unarmed and lacked the means of fighting back until the Tutsi rebels attacked and drove both the army and the militias away from the capitol and other cities."

Music to my ears. Whatever Lord nobama has in store for us, being nuke launch, gun raids, or martial law, I will die on my feet and be worse than a nest full of angry killer bees.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see something to make your blood boil, watch the documentary: "Worse than War". The filmmaker, whose family survived the Holocaust, tries to figure out why genocides happen.

Trying to negotiate with evil will get you no where. It's like arguing with with irrationality personified. Unlike our side, Evil isn't burdened by the necessity of having to make sense.

Short of putting their own lives in danger, they won't be able to compute what's going on while they're doing their acts.

Don't expect mercy from those who have none.

Not once in that documentary did he even think that arming a population that was being exterminated might have made a difference. He never connects the dots. It's almost like at some point his brain won't allow him to take responsibility for his own safety, and that translates to others not taking responsibility for their own safety either...

He even goes to the point of interviewing someone who hacked people to death in Rwanda who was in prison... Not once did he ask:

"If your victims turned around, and pointed a gun in your face, would you have had second thoughts about killing them?"

You could ask the same question to everyone who has caused genocides throughout the 20th century. "What if your victims had been armed?"

Armed populations don't get exterminated.

Sadly, one can't always say the same for a disarmed population...

A wise man once said: "If you're ever scared, the safest place is hiding behind your loaded rifle."

THEBigFatPanda said...

"Engage sarcasm mode."

I really don't get the relevance of this post, Mike.
1: Government forces carried out the slaughter of the innocents (Waco) or stood by while their thug armies did the dirty work.(Wisconsin State Fair)
2: Minorities(whites, Christians, gun owners) demonized in the press and TV reports. Can anyone say Pierce Morgan?
3: Government ID showing ethnicity. (Form 4473)
4: Unarmed population slaughtered. (Chicago, New York, San Francisco.)
Hmmmm, nope nothing to see here folks. Back to American Idol.
"Disengage sarcasm mode."

Molon Labe!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

As Chairman Mao said "Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun."

Because the Tutsi's had no guns, they had no political power. Because they had no political power, they died. This is one of the most common refrains preceding every genocide in human history. And it is why every IDF recruit swears the oath "Masada shall not fall again."

Ed said...

Massachusetts takes pride in their comprehensive gun control laws. Unfortunately, control of armed gunmen in service to the Commonwealth is apparently lacking:

Here is the statistic to note:
“Since 2008, the total number of people shot by officers and troopers has grown every year, peaking in 2013.
In that time, there were 86 shootings, 67 of them justified, police said.”

So, 19 out of 86 shootings, or 22% of shootings by police, more than one out of five, were NOT justified. Chilling.

Anonymous said...

This is the future your taxes have paid to bring you. Coming soon to a city near you.

It is not immediately obvious to me, more seriously, what the late Mr. Utash was doing in Detroit. Everybody in SE Michigan knows that white skin isn't welcome in the area east of Telegraph Road and south of Eight Mile. The only whites who go there are moronic college boys who think they're "tuff" because they wear their baseball caps sideways and listen to Eminem, who go to "tha D" to score weed and coke to resell to their frat buddies, or else middle-aged white men with "jungle fever" out to set up a romantic assignation with one of the Cass Corridor's thousands upon thousands of AIDS-dripping junkie prostitutes. They end up calling the wrong drug dealer or pimp "my nigga" one too many times at two o'clock in the morning in some back alley off of Livernois Avenue and end up being found a week later occupying three dozen Tupperware bowls and scattered among fourteen different municipal dumpsters with metronomic regularity, which is invariably reported on the back page of the local papers, given less than one column inch of the smallest type possible. Everyone here knows this. This is not to accuse Mr. Udash of wrongdoing, but he who leaps the fence into the gorilla enclosure at the zoo generally knows what's waiting for him. The area where the attack took place, Harper Woods, is infamously violent even by Detroit standards, and is along with Highland Park one of the two most dangerous sections of the city. Perhaps Mr. Udash was one of those self-hating white liberals who live in a haze of denial, unable to break themselves out of their self-imposed Stockholm Syndrome. "Oh, I'll just take this shortcut one more time today. I've driven through Harper Woods lots of times before, nothing ever happened except the outstanding young citizens on the stoops and streetcorners gave me dirty looks! I'll do it again today!"

Another note: the kid who was injured was very likely playing what we locally call "N*gger Lotto." In this very popular local game, the "diverse urban yoots" wait for a white man to drive by--as "tha brothaz" are rather less likely to be insured--then leap in front of his vehicle, hoping for a non-permanently-crippling injury so that he can lawyer up, shake down Whitey's insurance company, and "get paid." Michigan's auto insurance injury payout system, the most lavish in the nation (and the direct proximate cause of Michigan's auto insurance being the most expensive in the nation), encourages this.

An alternate hypothesis is that he was picked to run out into the street and try to stop some "honky" so that two or three dozen older "yoots" could drag the old "white muhfugga" out of his vehicle, administer a beating, possibly to death, and steal his wallet and his vehicle. This is a very common gang initiation stunt. Someone should investigate, but I bet no one will.