Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wish I could be there for this. I hope somebody asks the FBI negotiator some tough questions.

Reflecting on an American Tragedy: The Branch Davidians 20 Years Later.
Jon Roland advises:
Some of us will also be traveling to a gathering of people to Waco for a memorial April 19, leaving from Austin, after which we will go to the site of the 1993 massacre. Contact Mike Hanson 512-656-0521 if you want to ride in the bus.
The gathering will be held at the Helen Marie Taylor Museum of the Life and History of Waco, at 714 Jefferson Avenue, Waco, Texas, one block from Waco Drive. Here is a map. It will begin at 9:00 AM and continue until about 4:00 PM.
The invitation letter from Clive Doyle is here. More information on the topic is available here.
Spread the word.
-- Jon


Anonymous said...

When professional serial liars discover exploiting dead children isn't the reliable propaganda tool it used to be, they find a new tool in the disabled.
An ugly comment to make, you say?
The truth is often ugly folks, artificial pleasantries not withstanding.

rustynail said...

The program seems to present many academics who will speak for the Davidians, but none of the actual surviving victims seem to be on the program. There are still some alive and think they whould be heard from.

Mt Top Patriot said...

The true ugly nature of the actions of those who murdered all those folks at Waco becomes ever increasingly insidious as time passes.

This happened in our Republic for God's sake.

And not a single person involved has been held accountable. Just as for operation Fast & Furious/Gunwalker, and a nefarious line of acts of violent murderous federal tyranny.

The terrible truth of how evil those who perpetrated these heinous crime of mass murder becomes ever more terrible as their numbers increase via sanction of a regime government so far from the rule of law and social moral codes of civility, the social contract, a rouge government out of control of we the people.

Nothing, nothing good, is going to result in this ever expanding police state mentality where everyone who is deemed an enemy of the state by the ruling elites of this regime conveniently becomes a criminal in order for these American Gestapo operatives to rule with impunity.

An impunity specifically constructed, with cold blooded malice and decades spanning forethought, a design of totalitarianism, completely outside the rule of law and the design of our republican form of government.

It is crystal clear who and what are the enemies of these United States of America.

Anonymous said...

And MTP,
it is crystal clear what must be done at some point, but, it seems, MTP, that we don't have the
stomachs that the founding fathers thought we would.


CowboyDan said...

I put a link to the Baylor event on CleanupATF's website.

I figure a few of them are decent enough; they tipped you & David to F&F, after all.

At least a couple of folks at CUATF were AT Waco, and one left shortly after. That would be a Q&A to watch, if she shows up to talk to the FBI guy, wouldn't it? I hope someone posts video.

Anonymous said...

The government of the United States did this and everyone in government, and media, republican and democrat had a hand in the cover up.

Just like our MIAs.