Monday, April 8, 2013

"Towards A New America."

From Herschel Smith.


Anonymous said...

An excellent book that provides clarity on where America is headed and why is Pat Buchanan's 'Suicide Of A Superpower'.
It is well worth the time to read.

Anonymous said...

The vile responses to the death of Thatcher is the true heart of progressive liberal Marxists made manifest. This is the heart of those who now control the US government and deceive the people with promises of utopia and "social justice".
This is the insidious evil that is spreading into every facet of our country to destroy it.
This is the heart of those who have deliberately transformed America's melting pot into a pressure cooker.
How much longer can those of us who cherish the Founder's vision of America sit idly by while unrestrained fools work tirelessly to recreate the nation in their image, and ultimately destroy it?
Who among us would sit idly by and observe a mob burn and loot his home while having the means at his disposal to stop it? I suspect not many, if any at all.
Why then do we who cherish the Founder's vision huddle collectively and merely grumble disapproval while the mob burns and loots America into ruin?

Those unwilling to sacrifice of themselves for the future of their children will have ultimately sacrificed the future of their children to oblivion for no greater reason than simple cowardice.