Monday, April 1, 2013

Praxis: Adapter System Allows a 12-Gauge Shotgun to Fire 11 Different Types of Ammo

Anyone have any experience with these?


Trinity said...

I watched a little demo of this system being used at our range. While it's an interesting concept of being able to fire many different calibers from the same gun, speed and accuracy are not available. I find it more of a gun-junkie's single shot toy than a serious tool.

I have a TC with 6 different caliber barrels collected over the years that can out-shoot this set up with me blindfolded.

If you're really concerned about bartering for available ammo down the road you would be better off picking up a few basic bolt action rifles and revolvers of different calibers. May cost more than the ~$500 this rig costs, but would provide many times more accuracy and reliability, IMHO.

The Old Coach said...

Well, subcaliber inserts for shotguns have only been around since WW1, and they've never taken hold, so I'm skeptical.

Dakota said...

I have a buddy with a 12 gauge over & under and the top barrel was bulged firing steel shot thru it. He put a 357 "Maximum" insert in it and a "scout" mount and scope and it worked very well. I am not sure, but I think his insert was longer than that though.

These are OK I guess ... If I was going to own something like this I would have a single shot 12 gauge, with a 22 LR or Mag and a 308 and call it the "meat gun". Otherwise I won't own one unless I get rich and I aint holding my breath on that either.

Anonymous said...

I have a different brand 9mmx19 to 12ga adapter. Very slow to use for repeat shots, and because 12ga chambers can vary a lot, the adapter will slop around in the chamber some. That means the point of aim/point of impact will vary with each shot since the relationship is not locked in place.

Possibly useful for training or under 7 yards for serious purposes that would be compatible with a single-shot that is very slow to reload. (assuming same chambering cartridges).

TC barrels would be much more accurate single-shots, and faster to reload too for repeat shots.

Anonymous said...

Or buy the entire single shot line from H&R or Rossi.

Anonymous said...

I have a .22 long rifle sub-caliber insert that is not rifled and is only 3 inches long. It's accurate enough for 10-20 yard shots, but no farther out. These are rifled and longer, but I'd not expect much better than pistol accuracy with them. Allowing the ergonomics are improved using a stock and longer sight radius most folks may shoot better with this than a pistol, but not much. Inherent accuracy should be similar to a long barreled target pistol. I consider my sub-caliber .22 insert a small game getter for when I don't want to waste a 12 gauge round on a squirrel or rabbit, in which case I'll just walk up close and pop him with the 22lr. This system is not the only one available, the one I bought is from
they sell them separately.


Jim22 said...

The video shows them to be pretty inaccurate - at least with .22 LR. Centerfire cartridges are better but the tester had crappy sights on the gun. The problem with these is their cost. $450.00 for the set.

j said...

Thumbs down. Sorry, but to me, accurate fire is the only core issue in survival, whatever the scenario. The video of this item at the range made it appear to be throwing lead all over the place, and whether you are trying to take meat for survival food or eliminate a bad guy who is closing on your immediate location, I think that 'kinda near' doesn't cut it.