Monday, April 15, 2013

Claire Wolfe on "Gottlieb the Traitor."

Jackie Juntti forwards the link with this comment:
For YEARS I have warned people to not get involved with or to give money to Alan Gottlieb. He is NOT what he tries to get you to believe he is. Gottlieb is interested in one thing only - GOTTLIEB and the money he can con others out of. I pulled out the news item I have saved all these years about Gottlieb and pasted it in following Claire's blog note.....
Claire says: He’s always been … well, I’d rather not say the words. Earlier this year he was willing to sell out Washington state gun owners. He failed at that. But he’s just backed the sell-out Manchin-Toomey bill.


SWIFt said...

Well Claire, is it now time to "shoot the bastards"?

Semper Fi, 0321 said...

John Baird, editor of the long gone "Buckskin Report" ended up on the losing end of a lawsuit against Gottlieb.
Gottlieb had just started soliciting money in the late 70's when Baird called him a thief and a liar. He told the truth and was punished for it. Turns out he was right, 30 yrs ago.

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase Shakespeare - there's something rotten in Denmark.
If Gottlieb genuinely feels he has "snookered" gun control advocates, then why announce with a bullhorn the gun grabbers are idiots for buying it?

Perhaps Gottlieb is a fool.
Perhaps he is a "sellout".
Perhaps, he's crazy like a fox.

If Schumer & Co. are made to feel they're getting played, then doesn't it stand to reason that the bill will be sunk after being torpedoed with amendments?

A bona fide conundrum, this is.

FedUp said...

Got an email allegedly from CCRKBA but apparently sent by It's signed by Gottlieb and urges us to fax senators and ask them to filibuster Alan's bill. I guess I need to filter those emails as spam, no way Alan sent that one this afternoon.

Went to check it out at and found a statement on the homepage that

"The Citizens Committee is supporting the Manchin-Toomey substitute bill to knock out the very bad draconian Schumer Background Check bill. The Citizens Committee and our attorney lobbyist had a hand in influencing and drafting parts of this substitute amendment."

Sounds like the old NRA tactic, from when they felt they couldn't oppose a bill without proposing an alternative.

How about this for an alternative?
No prior restraints on the exercise of civil rights.

Bear said...

Anon: "If Schumer & Co. are made to feel they're getting played, then doesn't it stand to reason that the bill will be sunk after being torpedoed with amendments?"

From private correspondence with Gottlieb, I know that he isn't doing this as a "poison pill" to play Schumer and kill the bill. He thinks expanded background checks are great, and thinks gun owners should be jumping for joy to sacrifice a for more rights just to get "reciprocal transport" (not recip carry, as several outlets are reporting; at least not according the version of the amendment on Toomey's senate site).

SomeTexasDissenter said...

Gottlieb is on the record (as far as candid conversations in the rights movement) as stating, multiple times, that citizens are willing to be fingerprinted and checked to get carry permits and he's resigned to the fact that it will eventually apply purely to ownership.

It's why I've never trusted him or sent him a dime. CCRKBA has been on my "go whizz up a rope" list for a LONG time. He's just another NRA type, post Knox.

William Flatt said...

Swift: I can't speak for anyone, least of all Claire Wolfe herself, but I believe that the question of just exactly how close we are to shooting the bastards is answered by saying "safeties off".
There are multiple parallel major stories whose significance all impact our liberty tremendously. TPTB are trying to whipsaw us back and forth between several things, to keep us distracted from 'the main event'. That alone speaks volumes!