Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And speaking of cheese-eating, lily-livered surrender monkeys . . .

Threat to Block Debate on Guns Appears to Fade in Senate
Even as Mr. Reid scheduled a vote, Senators Joe Manchin III, Democrat of West Virginia, and Patrick J. Toomey, Republican of Pennsylvania were very near a deal that would most likely serve as an amendment replacing the background check piece of the measure that Mr. Reid is seeking a vote on. Their measure, which would almost certainly appeal to a broader base of members than the one now at the heart of the debate, would include fewer gun buyers in newly expanded checks, but allow for the record keeping that many Republicans have opposed. The two were expected to announce a deal Wednesday. Mr. Manchin briefed Mr. Reid late Tuesday.
Meanwhile, Reid sets up Thursday test vote on gun legislation and Top Senate Dems Face Decisions on Gun Curb Push.


Anonymous said...

"Trust me! I'll just put it in a little bit any you'll still be a virgin!" -- Carlos Mencia

Tell me again how prohibiting someting I can legally do today, that's protected by the Second Amendment, is not an "infringement".

Anonymous said...

I always knew Casey (the "other" PA senator) was a hopeless fool and tool of the regime, but I had hoped Toomey would be at least somewhat better.
Turns out he's a quisling turncoat like McCain.
A large number of our republican dominated state assembly sent him a letter saying, "Don't do that." I know his office was deluged, but he's selling out anyway.
It will be remembered.