Monday, August 15, 2011

Regarding three-legged pigs, Federal arsonists, and their journalist enablers who want to give them more gasoline and matches.

A stereotype that gun owners are enabling

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Subject: Regarding three-legged pigs, Federal arsonists, and their journalist enablers who want to give them more gasoline and matches.

Dear Ricardo,

Your anti-firearm rights editorial about the three-legged pig was cute and more sophisticated than most, although the trick of divide and conquer is as old as the hills. You write:

Not only is the NRA saying that you have an unfettered right to buy these guns in bulk without the kind of transparency the feds are newly requiring, they are saying that folks have the right to sell them. This is just the latest evidence that the NRA and the gun-manufacturing industry are locked in a loving embrace that threatens to squeeze the life out of the rest of us.

Yes, this includes even you gun owners who recognize no need to have multiple semiautomatics, weapons whose overkill capabilities make their purpose pretty transparent. It includes even you gun owners who recognize that not everyone can be trusted with an assault weapon that accommodates a 90-round snail drum — of the kind allegedly used to kill Bexar County Sheriff's Sgt. Kenneth Vann in May.

The NRA argues this new policy is illegal because it wasn't congressionally approved, as was an identical requirement for multiple handgun sales. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives notes that this rule on handguns sales was in existence and enforced before Congress codified it in 1986.

Undoubtedly, all manner of levelheadedness permeates the ranks of legal gun owners. But you can thank the over-the-top demands of the NRA for the stereotype that suggests otherwise. Here's the thing, though: The NRA perpetuates this caricature only because levelheaded gun owners enable it.

Of course the logic of this, were there any at all, founders upon the rocks of the Gunwalker Scandal, which you totally ignore. The Federal government, sir, has been caught facilitating the smuggling of thousands of civilian-market firearms south of the border. Two American law-enforcement officers and at least hundreds of Mexican citizens have been murdered as a result. This represents multiple acts of war by the United States against a sovereign nation and its people. Yet, before we have gotten to the bottom of this scandal, YOU WISH TO FURTHER EMPOWER THESE FEDERAL CRIMINALS.

The Gunwalker Scandal represents murderous functional racism and depraved indifference to the murder of innocents on the part of the Obama administration. Indeed, Gunwalker has killed more Mexicans in the past two years than the Texas Klan ever dreamed of doing in a century. When whistleblower ATF agent John Dodson argued with his superiors that this policy was going to get numerous people killed, he was told "If you want an omelet, you have to break some eggs." Some omelet. Some eggs. What the heck. After all, it's only hundreds of dead Mexicans. Who cares about them? Not you, apparently, because you want to further empower the same people who committed the greatest federal scandal ever. Remember, nobody died at the Watergate Hotel, Ricardo. The bodies of this scandal, in Mexico and the United States, will be stacking up for years to come.

It is as if we have discovered that the tax-paid firefighters tasked with putting out the fires that threaten the rest of us have been proven to be serial arsonists instead. AND YOU WANT TO GIVE THEM MORE MATCHES AND GASOLINE. I'm sure the families of all the Gunwalker victims in Mexico will thank you for THAT.

How you can write such patently agenda-driven hog excrement is beyond me.

Mike Vanderboegh
The alleged leader of a merry band of Three Percenters
PO Box 926
Pinson, AL 35126.


Mt Top Patriot said...

This self appointed imposer of his will on others is proof positive of the truth there simply is not enough weapons and ammo that can be owned in order to be prepared for, and ultimately protect ones self and Liberty from the deeper darker intent this man intends for others outside his privileged position in the order of the elites.
Ask the 100's of millions of humans through 5000 years of history who have been exterminated by the likes and thinking of this tyrant and his lust for unfettered power to rule over other men.
Because when you strip this mouth piece's narrative of lies and subterfuge down to its bare naked essentials, you are left with the simple truth he is a truly evil sick animal not worthy of the noble title of American, truth that the lies function from a position of malice and forethought of tyranny for you and I but certainly not him and his like minded ilk.
Well that is tyranny in my book.
Something that can only be fought with a weapon when peaceful means of redress are negated by the very same people and agenda who are espousing the evils of Liberty in the first instance.
Up your arse Pal.
If you want my weapons, you are gonna have to pay dearly.
Because they are mine. They are the teeth in my Liberty. They are mine and I ain't giving them up.
And the God given unalienable Liberty of The Rule of Law granted to me by the governing documents of this here Constitutional Republic precede and supersede all and any lies you are hawking.
You are a con man selling something as rotten and evil as Satan himself.
Again, up your arse!

Anonymous said...

Pimentel has been hating on the gun owners pretty consistently since he came to San Antonio. How can he write such? Well, consider that his blog at is called Present Progressive. His print columns do make for good blogfodder, though.
Latest case in point:

Ashrak said...

SCOTUS admitted that we have a right to own firearms. That means, that can only mean that have a right to acquire one. That means we must have a right to perform labor for, or make some other form of trade for, ownership of firearms.

Therefore, we all do have a right to buy firearms, and as many as we want to also. So too do we hold the right to sell them, because one cannot buy anything without a seller.

Ain't the transitive property wonderful?

To those who would disagree, is government empowered to liit the number of words we can say or write in a month? How about how many times a person can pray? Can government "regulate" the number of times we assemble? No?

Why, Ricardo? Oh, that's right, the First Amendment forbids government engaging in that kind of restriction, probhibition or mandate.

One small sentence within Heller is going to plague the Liberty Usurpers, known also as gun grabbers, for decades to come.

"The Second Amendment is no different."

Anonymous said...

I love how seething retards like him say that modern firearms somehow constitute "evil" by their very physical characteristics. This is akin to saying that driving a modern car as opposed to a hand-crank ignition pre-WWI car is somehow more reckless. Or living in a modern home as opposed to a log cabin is irresponsible.

Sorry dumbass, technology progresses in all things. Firearms are no different.

I'm glad you think I can't be "trusted" with my goddamn human rights, and that the government must peer into what I do. All this is doing is making me salivate more about when I get to shoot back.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I've grown weary of being "polite" to such miscreants.

They do not deserve courtesy - prudence dictates that I refrain from spelling out what they DO deserve...

See Ann Barnhardt's video on "nice", and Kerodin's piece on courtesy for more on why...

Instead, I've begun getting right to the point:
We wish only to be left alone, but we WILL NOT disarm.
If you try to force us, we will FIGHT.
How many of us are you - PERSONALLY - willing to kill to enact your fantasy-land "non-violent utopia"?

Generally, your ilk aren't willing to do any of the killing, wishing instead to order others to do it for you. In that case, how many deaths - of both us and your hired thugs - are you willing to order in order to bring about your "non-violent" revolution?

Usually shuts ' em up for a bit.......