Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Praxis: Small flying drone that cracks cell phone and WiFi data.

Now isn't this special?


MamaLiberty said...

Would be neat moving targets... just wish they didn't cost us so much. Pity...

Anonymous said...

Dude - there's some gov. money behind that. Look at that thing - it's an off the shelf Military 1/7 scale RCMAT aka the FQM-117B. I've never heard of those being available to the civilian market.

fgd-anchorage said...

Very clever: impersonating a cell tower.

If you are not yet using the GNU/Linux o/s on your computer, you are missing much.

Anonymous said...

This kind of thing is the bread and butter of the DIY drones community and is dead easy for anyone with as little as $5k lying around. I cannot understate how easy this kind of thing is for civilians to put together.

I also cannot understate the degree to which sensitive government information is transmitted on unecrypted cell phones that are easily spoofed or Wifi networks still running 40 bit WEP.

Heck, I saw an r/c helicopter that recorded live video and had a ceiling of about 300 feet for $30 in Walmart today.

Leviathan is so fucked.

Anonymous said...

Yes it says in the article its an old .Mil target drone and one of the builders is former .mil so you have to think that he had some connections to get that surplused.
Its built by two guys at home its not government or it would have cost $1 mil.


skybill said...

Hi Mike,
Cool Model Airplanes!! WOW!! 'Been aviatin' since I could slide a wing into the slot on the fuse. of a dime store hand toss glider!!! Back then it was just good clean fun now our model A/C's have gone "Tactical!!!" Funny how when you go to the local model A/C flyin' sites, there are spookey people lookin' at ya' from a distance writin' down license numbers and stuff!! Bring it on!!!


PS, same thing at the Dropzone! Yeah those geeks probably saw "Point Break" one too many times!! And that really was Pat Swaze doin' the dive!!