Monday, August 15, 2011

Note to Tampa ATF Field Division: Honduras doesn't need your gunwalking help after all.

Honduras Guns Feeding Central America's Arms Trade.


Yank lll said...

If I'm reading the site supporters correctly Insight belongs to Goerge Soros so that would make his stats automatically suspect.
On the bottom it lists:

Open Society Org -

If a non communist should get into office somewhere, someday it would be nice as a show of brotherhood with their fellow =Americans to have the pig Soros citizenship revoked and seize his assets for his well documented anti American activities.
We can only hope for opportunities.

Mark Matis said...

You fail to note that the guns need to get to the RIGHT people in Honduras. As long as any of them are going to people who are NOT supporters of Zelaya, then the WRONG people clearly have them.

Anonymous said...

Despite the cheering for Honduran gun control, the article serves as a vivid reminder and example of the lies and deception being heaped upon the American public by the lame media which has intentionally ignored the biggest government scandal in the past two centuries.

The Mexican and Central/South American drug cartels don't need the piddly-ass AK's they were getting from ATF. They have at their disposal all the police and military arsenals in the southern hemisphere!

Military arms have been flowing into the hemisphere for the past 60 years to every dictator who could lie, bribe & murder their way to a presidency or generals rank.

Now that the narco-cartels has ascended to power, those arsenals have opened up for either a gun shot or suitcase filled with cash.

The problem facing the U.S. is a rapidly destabilizing hemishpere being re-organized into a criminal syndicate with an army for protection.

Think 'asymmetrical, kinetic warfare' just across the river from Texas, Arizona, New Mexico and California!

Clearly, ATF exploited a situation using assistance from nearly every law enforcement agency within the DOJ to impose fiat regulations and establish a gun registration data base in direct violation of law.

Barry Soetoro's regime is implicated in numerous violations of international sovereignty laws, ITAR violations and our own federal and state laws. Barry Soetoro's hands are just as bloody as the Mexican murders using ATF supplied guns to murder fellow Mexicans.

Anonymous said...

Maybe. . . . just maybe . . . . we can get Honduras to do a reverse GunWalker, and smuggle some of those eeeevil black military automatic assault weapons (note: all gun-control trigger words) INTO the United States.

Whoever does this could pretend that they front for a Socialist/Communist freedom fighting people's group (well, it's partially true, isn't it?), so that they could buy or be given the weapons for dirt cheap.

And also pretending that they're illegal immigrants, the Obamanoids would look the other way as the weapons are smuggled north across the US border.

Lovely dream . . . . .
B Woodman

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