Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Kurt Hofmann: Then again, maybe Obama administration DID directly traffic guns to Mexico.


If, however, the allegations are true that one of the major players in a drug cartel's arms trafficking ring is a paid FBI informant, and that "Project Gunwalker" deliberately funneled guns through him, even Newell's definition of "walking" would seem to have been met. A paid FBI informant is, after all, an agent of the government, and if he was part of the distribution chain, then an agent of the government did put guns directly into suspects' hands.

Granted, the "walking" would seem to have been going on at a higher level than Newell's, or even Melson's, since supposedly no one in BATFE knew anything about the FBI informant. So perhaps the BATFE can claim ignorance, by virtue of the fact that the highly placed gun trafficker was the FBI's creature, and not BATFE's. We know, however, that the FBI was in on Operation Fast and Furious (as were DHS, DEA and even the IRS), so the administration itself is implicated up to its eyeballs in even Newell's bizarrely restrictive definition of "gunwalking."


Anonymous said...

Kurt Hoffmann's logic is impeccable. :^)


Anonymous said...

When ATF and the Assistant US Attorney met with the FFLs and told them to keep selling guns, even though the FFLs had concerns about the safety of law enforcement officers at the border, the FFLs themselves were acting at the direction of the government and were therefore "AGENTS OF THE GOVERNMENT". So even in that regard, ATF walked guns.

Jhn1 said...

If Issa really wants to stir shit, he should invite a Mexican (court?) Official to attend and ask questions from the Congress' side of the room.