Monday, August 1, 2011

David Codrea: Are .50 BMG upper conversions going to be reclassified as firearms?

Good question. Personally, I would to encourage the Obamanoid robots at ATF headquarters to go after the whole nine yards -- uppers, shotguns, "sporting purpose." Absolutely. Piss off the Fudds more and more and watch what happens.


Longbow said...

They do not care. They will re-write the law that way because that is what the WANT to do. Principles do not apply. Repercussions be damned.

You will not know how to comply with the law? Good! That is what they want.

You know, "good guys who mean well...", and all that.

Anonymous said...

The fudds won't do anything, they are as useless as an accordion out in the deer blind. The '90s is proof of that.

gandalf23 said...

What the difference, legally, between a .50 BMG upper and a 9mm upper, or a .223 16" upper, or a .223 24" upper, or a .410 upper? If they decide to classify one as a firearm, what's to stop them from classing them all that way? I don't think I've ever seen an ar15 upper with the manufacturer's name on it, let alone a serial number.

pdxr13 said...

What about all that are serial and 4473-free? What about .338 Lapua uppers? What about .22LR cheap-fire conversions? How about Made In Montana uppers that drift into 50-State circulation?

What about Gunrunner?


Bad Cyborg said...

The problem is THEY are the government so THEY ARE the law. As was so sagely observed a few months past, the government can do pretty much whatever the hell they please. Who is going to stop them? Congress? They'd have to grow balls and a spine to do that and even all they could do is cut off funding.

We the people? Only way we can do that is via a violent revolution. Anybody ready to bring about TEOTWAWKI over this?

Ain't just a shed load of options, folks. If the elites in Mordor on the Potomac are even aware of what we think they clearly could not be less concerned. So what can WE do?

Excuse my lack of optimism. Feeling kinda bad today and turning 60 tomorrow (2 days before Obama turns 50).

Anonymous said...

Check out the latest from GOA:

All I have to say is "Come and take it," I'm tired of farting around.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't already read Longbow's comment, go back and read it carefully. If you have, you might want to read it again.

I seem to remember an essay, I thought by Ann Rand, stating that the government wants to make so many things against the law that no one can avoid breaking at least one law, and preferably several. That way they have leverage on every one of us.

BTW, I'm not alone in thinking that's the plan. I googled "everyone criminal" and got 131 million hits.

tom said...

Anonymous, they already have: Good read on such things--"Three Felonies a Day: How the Feds Target the Innocent"--Silvergate

It's worth the read.

Merovign said...

As much as I think they're *psychologically* capable of it, I think they would have to change the law to do this.

I bet they want to, though.

I mean, otherwise an AR-15 would have two serialed registered receivers, it would be two firearms.

They'd sooner just try to classify them out of existence through some bizarre destructive devices reinterpretation.